My Math Dance Project


-The Dress you want costs $42.98 with the 30% discount and the 6% sales tax.

- Your ticket will cost you $10.00, because you thought ahead and bought it before the night of the dance.

- Your dinner afterwards costs $22.68 with tax and the 20% tip you left for the waitress.

Question #1-- Determine how much money you will need in order to attend the 7th grade dance?

  Answer #1- $75.66

Question #2-- If your parents lend you 75.00, is that enough money to cover your costs?

Answer #2- No, because even if you bought the advanced ticket, you would still need $75.66. You would be short about $0.66.

Question #3-- What is the percent of change in the price of dance tickets from buying them in advance to buying them at the door?

Answer #3- 50%

Question #4-- Your parents have decided you will have to pay them the $75.00 back with an additional interest rate of 5%. How much money will you owe your parents, including interest?

Answer #4- $78.75