Flat Tailed Sea Snake

Alex Keenan, Amberlina Saenz 3rd period

The flat tailed sea snake is black and yellow with stripes and a flat tail to move underwater.

The flat tailed sea snake lives in Australia by Oceania.

The Flat tailed sea snake eats small mammals or fish and other snake eggs.

But This Animal is a victim of other snakes, large fish and maybe other mammals.

Our animal is endangered or becoming endangered because or being exhausted of the stream.the ocean and from being washed us from the high tides and low water. This effects this species because this is a food source to other animals and without the Sea Snake the population of other animals may go up and out of control.

From 1-5 this Animal is at level 3 of becoming endangered. there is only about 13,00o left in the world. These animals cant migrate anywhere else they must stay in the Australia/ Oceana area. Their predator is feasting more often and pollution is killing the snakes and their life span has shortened and a average of eggs layed has decreased.

We must be careful of there creators and treat them properly. And lets try to make the Flat Tailed Sea Snake live and survive longer. So they can no longer be endangered