Letter Back Home

Dear Family

       I landed in what the humans on earth call Antarctica.  Its really cold here. Its like fifty below zero degrees.  

             I talked to humans and for some reason they call it a desert,  because there is less then ten percent of rain. Oh I almost didn't catch myself I landed about two days ago.  I arrived in shorts and a t shirt expecting what humans call Hawaii but  when I got here that's when humans broke the news and  told me about the white fluffy stuff called snow.oh yes i forgot about the cold  so the humans were nice enough to give me a snow suit and gloves and a hat. so I do know some things about humans.  Heres the things that i know,the humans are dumb enough to not know that i am  an alien, their very generous to give. the animals here are seals, i think humans called them penguins, polar bears,  and wolves.

            Next time I rite I will be some where warm. Take care of dog alien until I get back.

           From fellow alien Aaron.

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