Antigone's Play

Taelor: Choragos

Sentry: *running in* whats going on? Something terrible has happened.
Creon: Tell me what happened!
Sentry: Polynices was buried against the kings orders.
Creon: Who did it?
Sentry: I do not know sir.
Choragos: The gods must have done it.
Creon: How could the gods side with him? What would happen to him? He did not so anything good.
Sentry: King may i speak?
Creon: Your voice is very irra.
Sentry: Are you sure that my voice is irra to you or is it something that is bothering you?
Creon: You sound dumb.
Sentry: What you've done is what hurts you.
Creon: You talk too much.
Sentry: Yes, i do but who cares.
Creon: You probably got money for what you're doing.
Sentry: Why does it even matter, you need to be all up in my business.
Creon: Bring me the body of Polynices and i shall give you more money.
Sentry: Merch.
Creon: On god.
Sentry: Bet.

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