Writen By Charles Dickens

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2 years ago

Reginald Owen-Ebenezer Scrooge
Gene Lockhart-Bob Cratchit
Kathleen Lockhart-Mrs. Cratchit
Terry Kilburn-Tiny Tim
Barry MacKay-Fred (as Barry Mackay)
Lynne Carver-Bess
Leo G. Carroll-Marley's Ghost
Lionel Braham-Spirit of Christmas Present
Ann Rutherford-Spirit of Christmas Past
D'Arcy Corrigan-Spirit of Christmas Future
Ronald Sinclair-Young Scrooge
Bunny Beatty-Martha Cratchit (uncredited)
Frank Benson-(uncredited)
Billy Bevan-Street Watch Leader (uncredited)
Ted Billings-Man on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Matthew Boulton-Second Charity Solicitor (uncredited)
Bob Carey-(uncredited) St. Luke's Episcopal Church Choristers St. Luke's Episcopal Church Choristers ...
Singers - 'Adeste Fidelis' (uncredited)
Richard Clucas-(uncredited)
Charles Coleman-First Charity Solicitor (uncredited)
Harry Cording-Waiter (uncredited)
Richard Deane-Handsome Boy (uncredited)
David Dunbar-(uncredited)
Herbert Evans-(uncredited)
Gertrude Geyer-Slim Girl at Fred's Party (uncredited)
Douglas Gordon-(uncredited)
Donald Hainey-(uncredited)
Lumsden Hare-Man Discussing Scrooge's Funeral (uncredited)
Hugh Harrison-Tom (uncredited)
Forrester Harvey-Old Fezziwig (uncredited)
Harold Hensen-Jack (uncredited)
Halliwell Hobbes-Clergyman Sliding on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten-Schoolmaster (uncredited)
Boyd Irwin-Man Discussing Scrooge's Funeral (uncredited)
Bill James-(uncredited)
I. Stanford Jolley-Man on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Tiny Jones-Woman Encouraging Fred to Slide (uncredited)
Muriel Kearney-Cratchit's Daughter (uncredited)
Colin Kenny-(uncredited)
Crauford Kent-Scrooge's Tall Business Associate (uncredited)
George Kirby-Goose-Seller (uncredited)
Maude Leslie-Bess's Mother (uncredited)
Norma Leslie-Plump Girl at Fred's Party (uncredited)
June Lockhart-Belinda Cratchit (uncredited)
William Martin-Cratchit's Middle Son (uncredited)
John O'Day-Peter Cratchit (uncredited)
Charles Peck-Dick Wilkins (uncredited)
John Rogers-Chestnut Vendor (uncredited)
Clifford Severn-Boy Buying Scrooge's Christmas Turkey (uncredited)
Renee Shearing-Fred's Maid (uncredited)
William Stack-Man Discussing Scrooge's Funeral (uncredited)
Ira Stevens-Fan Scrooge (uncredited)
James Stevens-Fat Man at Fred's Party (uncredited)
Doris Stone-Pretty Girl at Fred's Party (uncredited)
Monte Vandergrift-Drunk (uncredited)
Delmar Watson-Snowballer in Gang (uncredited)
Eric Wilton-Scrooge's Short Business Associate (uncredited)

2 years ago
2 years ago

Get the book today even though we have already read it and seen the movie

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2 years ago