Do Not Crack Your iPhone

By: Emory Robinson

First off, having a phone is a lot of responsibility, and if you get one you should ALWAYS wear a case on it and be cautious of your surroundings. Because if you took one wrong turn you could knock into someone and drop it. And this would turn out really bad it you did not have a phone case on it.

As we were being dismissed from the gym, it happened. A random kid in 6th grade knocked into me, causing me to drop it face first without a case on it. I had done this several times before and it did not crack. So, I picked it up as if nothing had happened. And happened.

"Oh no! I'm dead!" I exclaimed. I picked up my phone and it looked like there was a giant spider web on my phone. "Oh my gosh!!!" I exclaimed. "I can not believe that this just happened!" Literally 3 seconds after I dropped it everybody in the whole school was crowding around me like paparazzi.

As soon as I arrived to first period I asked my teacher Mrs. Allen if she knew anywhere really cheap to get iPhone screens replaced. "Oh honey trust me yes. Having a house full of boys you know almost every repair place in Tuscaloosa." she replied. Once 1st period ended I texted my Mom and told her that I had cracked my phone, and asked her if she knew anywhere that was cheap to get the screen replaced. "Nope", she replied, "But you best be finding one that you could afford because I am not paying for it. "Great", I thought to myself. "I only have like $4 I texted back. Well, I've told you numerous times that you needed to put a case on it." she replied.

Later on that day, I texted my Dad and told him that I had shattered the screen of my phone. Once I heard my phone tweet I thought to myself, "Oh lord. Prepare to die." It's ok", he replied "Insurance should cover it." Thank the Lord I whispered.

After school I went to the AT&T store and got my screen replaced. And my Dad said" You are very lucky that you have insurance on your phone." "Trust me I know", I said.

In the end, I only ended up having my screen cracked for 3 days. Which made me almost want to throw it against the wall even harder, because I could not see to type and text my friends, and I could not see any of the pictures or comments on the social media sites. So, I ended up staying on the computer all day so I could view all of the social media sites, and message my friends from this. In conclusion this is why you should always wear a protective case on your phone, and be cautious of your surroundings when you are holding it in your hand so you will not drop it.

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