1970's VS 2000's

The following is a comparison of 70's Pop music to 2000's Pop music

Pop music has changed drastically in the past 30 years. Back in the 70's pop was more of a natural type of music, unlike in the 2000's where the music is more electronically made. Popular artists from the 70's include The Jackson 5, who produced songs like ABC and I Want You Back, and the Bee Gees with songs like Stayin' Alive and Night Fever. The 70's were full of love, scandals, polyester leisure suits, VCR's, Nixon, and Elvis dieing. In the 2000's popular artists included Pink with songs like So What and Just Give Me A Reason, and Justin Timberlake with songs like What Goes Around. The 2000's were a lot more party friendly than the 70's and a lot more up beat. With the 2000's came War, 9/11, Twitter, the iPod, Bush, Recession, and Obama. The 2 decades weren't completely different. The music is all about love and having a great time.

Bee Gees

Justin Timberlake

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