Christmas for deployed troops!

Anything will be appreciated.

Below you will find a list of items that the sailors and marines we are supporting could use. Keep in mind there are men and women.  

Gum/Candy: Gum, Mints, hard candy, etc.  (No Tic Tacs:they make noise when walking, no chocolate, it melts)

Snacks. Beef jerky, Energy bars, Sunflower seeds, powdered drink mixes (Crystal Light, Gatorade, etc. ),

Personal care. Individually packaged baby wipes, eye drops, lip balm, lotion, baby powder (feet and shoulders from packs)

Foot care. Moleskin, medicated foot powder, athlete's-foot ointment.

Reading material. Paperback books, current magazines, comic books, playing cards. Amazon gift cards in small amounts, sometimes they get lucky and get internet to refill digital readers.

Word games and puzzles. Crossword puzzles, word searches, etc.  

Basically anything you can think of to pass the time, or small items that are necessities that become a luxury when you don't have it!  

A box will be placed by Leslie and July for collection. We've received a new date form the military that we will need to send packages by Nov. 14th for Christmas time; our cut off date will be Nov. 12th.

Thank you!

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