Marshall Mathers, Eminem, Slimshady.

The life of Marshall Mathers;

The american rapper, actor & record producer, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem, was born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joesph, Missouri.  He released his first album in 1999. Eminem didn't really have a good childhood, his father abandoned him & his mother Deborah Mathers, when he was born. He avoided all contact from his son, everytime his son tried to get ahold of him. His mom could never hold down a job for mre then several months, and they moved alot between St. Joesph, Missouri & Detroit, Michigan. He said the hardest part at all about that was moving to different schools, Mathers recalls, " I went to 2-3 schools a year.. every year." Growing up Eminem wasn't like the other kids, he had no close friends. He was beat up in the hallways, and bathrooms. One time a couple boys beat him so bad he was unconcious laying in the bathroom floor and the teachers denied they knew about it, when he was missing for a couple hours during school. His mom found him in the floor, bleeding.  He raps about his mother being addicted to prescribed pills, and how she didn't raise him well, when she says she did the best she could. He also failed 9th grade three times. He eventually dropped out at age seventeen. He said he was always bad in school, low grades. No matter how low his grades got, he was always good in English, and he wanted a way to use that, he sure got one. He's one of the best rappers that's ever made it. You can hear his feelings and emotions in his songs, his anger at things, then his sincerity. He has really good songs, and that's just how he expresses hisself. Although at the time rap was only done by black people, Eminem, the pale white, bright blue eyed teenager, entered a rap battle. He didn't do good at first, but when he spit it, he did really good.

A little bit about Eminem.

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