Best Dating Apps

Dating apps have become the norm for our culture. Flirting with someone has never been easier thanks to these digital tools. Here's a list of some of the best/easiest dating apps to download that are FREE.


Tinder is free and really easy to use. Tinder connects your Facebook and Instagram so you can see what mutual friends you share and browse a few Insta photos.


Hinge makes you feel like less of a creep but still introduces you to people through mutual Facebook friends. It gives users a bit more of an introduction to each other which makes it feel more personal.


Hitch lets your friends create matches for you. After connecting to FB, your friends make matched for you through an anonymous chat. So not only can you find a match but you can make a match for your friends!


OkCupid is a lot more fun and interactive than other dating apps. Users can fill out a lot more information in their profile & also display what kind of relationship they're looking for/what their type is. The website is actually a lot more robust than their app, but you can easily switch back and forth between the website & app.


Glimpse is great for foodies/photographers/hipsters. The app connects your Instagram and displays your photos for others to browse through. By showing off your Insta pics, you can easily find others just like you.

What's your fav dating app?