16 Things that Happen when your BFF gets a Bae

Let’s be real – jealousy doesn’t look good on anybody. But it can be difficult to accept that your BFF has a new person who she’s going to be pretty obsessed with for a while . (“Hey! Over here! I’m still here! Remember me?”) It’s totally normal if you feel lost in the wake of this new relationship. Here’s what to expect when your bestie falls in love:

1. You'll try to be happy for your friend for finding someone special...

2. …But you know inside that everything is going to be different

3. Your BFF starts dressing differently than she used to.

4. And she has to schedule you in around her “date plans.”

5. She starts adopting the hobbies of her BAE.

6. And you wonder what has become of your friend.

7. You’re now official a third wheel.

8. And your BFF and her bae are all over each other in front of you.

9. If her new bae is talking at dinner, she’ll ignore whatever you’re trying to say.

10. She’ll even take their side over yours in an argument!

11. You’ll have to listen to her complain about her bae…

12. …But you are still expected to really, really like them.

13. Sometimes you want to hang out just the two of you…

14. And you may get in a fight about it.

15. But in the end you’ll make up. . . because friendship is forever!

16. Who knows… her bae may even start to grow on you!

What is it like for you when your BFF gets a new BAE?