What Will Cotton Be Like in 100 Years?

  • Cotton – the history

The cotton has been an integral part of human evolution on this earth. Evidences suggest that cotton cultivation is a centuries old practice. And this practice has evolved with time. Right from the way cotton is cultivated on farms to the technology that transforms raw cotton into fibers and fibers into yarn and fabrics, things have changed at an astronomical pace over years.

  • Cotton – the way it is used by modern day industries

Cotton has always been an in-demand commodity which different industries leverage on to manufacture garments and textile products such as towels, bed sheets, window covers, etc. The cutting-edge technology that is available to modern day yarn companies in India enable them to make quite a variety of threads from cotton, and also mix cotton with other natural and man-made fibers.

  • Cotton in the next 100 years

Farmers – we can expect the farmers to be more receptive towards the usage of genetically modified seeds and farming techniques. They may also find better ways to store their crop and transport the same to the millers.

The coming century will also witness an increased cotton consumption, which again would require farmers to cultivate more area for cotton farming and leverage better means for improved productivity out of their resources.

Millers – the yarn companies in India will constantly invest in next generation technology to manufacture high quality cotton and connect with cotton yarn buyers from across the world. Better global relationships will also help them sell more and expand their horizons.

More and more cotton yarn companies in India and worldwide are increasingly looking out for new markets and ways through which they can connect with other yarn sellers and buyers from their country and across the world.

One thing that really stands out as in how cotton yarn buyers and sellers in India and other countries are connecting with one another these days is their inclination towards digital.

Smart companies are taking memberships on some selected industry websites which enable them to access vast directories of cotton yarn buyers and sellers. On these sites, these businesses can float their offers or enquires and bid. And this way, they are greatly reducing the time and efforts that they otherwise have to put in while closing a business deal.

Cotton has been around for centuries. And it is going to be very much part of our lives for many more centuries to come; the sheer goodness of this commodity makes it such a beautiful fabric to wear and enjoy around.

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Yarn companies in India are making it big globally. Be it cotton or other natural or manmade yarn or fabric, Indian companies are renowned worldwide for the sheer quality that they bring through their product lines. For more on the yarn industry and cotton, please read our other articles published here.