What Can You Choose From If You Need Total Hip Replacement?

For patients with damaged or worn out hips, Total hip replacement surgery is a procedure which can solve a lot of issues. The procedures are hugely widespread, have been known to improve the hip joints. In a total hip replacement, both the thigh bone (femur) and the socket are replaced with implant materials and prostheses thereby giving the patient a new hope in life and absolute relief from the pain and discomfort.

Your Options When It Comes To Materials

  • Cement Procedure

In the cemented procedure, a doughy substance is mixed at the time of surgery that is introduced between the artificial component and the bone. Considered the health standard in Total Hip Replacement; even people aged beyond 60 are eligible for the procedure.

  • Un-cemented surgery

Depending on how exact fit doctors are able to achieve of the metal component to the femur, Un-cemented surgery may not only be possible but also more desirable as well.

Why should you consider Total Hip Replacement?

  • Complete Pain Relief

A hip surgery replaces the damaged articulating surfaces with artificial ones that are smooth. Thus, it eliminates pain. For anyone suffering from discomfort and pain of a faulty hip, this is a sure fire way to feel relief.

  • Better quality of life

With lesser pain and improved mobility after surgery, easy daily tasks can now be performed without much problems faced, leading to a better life that is more active and independent.

  • No more medicines

After Total Hip Replacement, pain relief medication can be totally discarded. The procedure offers complete relief from all conditions which means you don’t even need medicines at all.