What We Are

We are honest creative people and strategic thinkers. We are architects - we wrap structure (and our minds) around the challenges and opportunities that businesses have. We are hard workers.

We like solving complex challenges, identifying the real insight in order to create value in our clients businesses.

  • We draw out sharper thinking together with our clients so that they own the result.
  • We think that working visually makes a massive difference in how to grasp the complexity of business challenges.
  • We make people more aware of their own ability and responsibility to own strategy and create value.
  • We make it easier for people to design strategies that work for them.
  • We are certain that structured and visual ways of attacking the important challenges makes the difference.
  • We are deliberately small.
  • We are ex clients and we have learned hard lessons. We got what we deserved by not thinking about what we actually needed from consultants and suppliers.
  • We work collaboratively and we transfer skills to our clients so that we don't turn ourselves into an expensive dependency.
  • We are very conscious that businesses are facing very different challenges that need fresh approaches.

We All Have Disruptive Heroes

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What We Are Not!

We are not consultants looking to extend our role.

  • We are not arrogant enough to think we can do everything all by ourselves.
  • We are not stuck into a one size fits all approach to solving the myriad challenges of business.
  • We are not trying to create a dependency on us.
  • We are not afraid to say we can't help.