Barrier Islands

By: Markia Bryant

Location of Barrier Island In Ga

Georgia's barrier islands extend along the Atlantic coast from Ossabaw Island  near Savannah all the way down to Cumberland Island, near Florida. This 150-mile-long stretch of Georgia coast is semitropical and richly historic.  The scenic Georgia portion of U.S. 17 goes past broad sandy beaches, creeks and  rivers, and the ruins of antebellum plantations.

The Description

The islands are composed basically of dune and beach-ridge sands. They were shaped—and are still being altered—by wind, waves, currents, tides, and a slowly rising or stable sea level. From north to south along Georgia's 100-mile-long coast, the barrier islands are Tybee, Little Tybee, Ossabaw Wassaw, St. Catherines , Sapelo, Wolf, Blackhbeared , Sea , St. Simmons, Little St. Simmons, Jekyll, Little Cumberland, and Cumberland .

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