When Is The Right Time For a Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery relieves some causes of back pain, but you dont need it for each and every back pain. In most of the cases, back pain vanishes on its own. Non-surgical treatments such as anti-inflammatory medicines, gentle message, and heat work wonders for back pain; physical therapy is also a great back pain reliever.

Do you need spine surgery in India?

Spine surgery in India might be an option for those who have not benefited from conservative treatments. Modern day technologies allow the surgeons to perform a spine surgery in India without resorting to large cuts to operate on the affected areas.

Spine surgery in India is recommended when the severe back pain is not going away with the conservative treatments, and is hindering the person from living his regular life.

Types of spine surgeries

Diskectomy – the spine surgery in India refers to the surgical procedure of removing the herniated portion of a disk to relieve irritation and inflammation of a nerve.

Laminectomy – this surgery is performed to remove the bone overlying the spinal canal, and thus relive the nerve pressure caused by spinal stenosis.

Fusion – as the name suggest, the surgery is performed to connect two or more bones in the spine.

Artificial disks – the surgery implants artificial disks to help the patient from the painful movement between two vertebrae due to a degenerated or injured disk.

If your doctor has recommended a spine surgery in India, but youre unsure about it, then you may like to get a second opinion from a qualified spine specialist.