Prime Locations to Grindhaüs

grindhaüs: [grind-house] verb. to work outside the typical office setting. e.g. coffeeshop, wifi-friendly brewhouse, a backyard, etc.

Grindhaüs at Loop Coffee in Tremont

Past Locations

Civilization Tremont (website)
Coffeehouse & cafe

Loop Coffee Tremont (website)
Coffeehouse & record shop

Fuel Coffee Bar Little Italy, Cleveland (website)

Garden Café Botanical Gardens, Cleveland (website)

Atrium & Café Cleveland Museum of Art (website)

Bottlehouse Brewing Company Cleveland Heights (website)

Vero Bistro & Starbucks Cleveland Heights (website)
Neapolitan pizzeria (no wi-fi) + Starbucks within walking distance

Future Locations

Helvetica juice bar Lakewood (yelp)

Cravings Cafe Rocky River (yelp)

Gypsy Beans & Baking Co Gordon Square, Cleveland (yelp)

Koffie Cafe Ohio City, Cleveland (yelp)

Blackbird Baking Co Lakewood (yelp)

Algebra Tea House Little Italy, Cleveland (yelp)

Deweys Coffee Shaker Square (website)

Cleveland Public Library Cleveland (wiki)

MoCa Clifton Blvd, Cleveland (facebook)

Rising Star Coffee Ohio City, Cleveland (website)


Grindhaüs is a fun get-away that also inspires & focuses our work efforts. What's your favorite spot around the Cleveland Area to work or study when you're not in the office, classroom, or at home? Shoot us a suggestion in the comments below: