The problem with Tipping in America

When the tipping system was first created in America it was seen as a good thing. It helped lowered costs of dining in America. There wasn't a service fee included in your dining and you could choose how much you paid for your service. This can be seen wight the comparison of the cost of dining in America versus that of Europe where they have a service charge included. This also improved the quality of dining because waiters and waitress worked harder so they would get a larger tip. Since then many issues have arisen with the tipping system in America.

Tip Credit

Tip Credit lets resultant owners meet their minimum wage requirement by using tips to pay the waitresses and waiters the minimum wage. This means that Waiters and Waitress are counting on the tips for their pay check. Waiters and Waitresses are not paid minimum wage, they are paid below minimum wage at $2.13 an hour. This is where the main problem comes in tipping rate are lower, people don't want to tip anymore.

People used to be able to tip Waiters and Waitress to let them know the services was good and now you are obligated to tip if it's not already taken out already. That's because if those tips weren't taken out the waiter or waitress wouldn't get paid.

This Map shows the percentage of amount for tips left in the different states across America. The Darker the color the higher the percentage, the lighter the lower percentage.

This map works the same way it is just tipping rates of different cities across America. Again the darker the color the higher tipping rate.

The Chart above shows the average tip rate based on the different hours of the day.

Lastly, This chart shows the average tipping rate based on the day

The Problem

Tipping isn't the same all hours of the day, days of the week, or states across America. Waiters and Waitress are dependent on those tips to make a living and when the tipping rate is low they aren't able to make enough money. Not enough people leave tips all the time. Sometimes Waiters and Waitress are forced to share their tips with the back of house staff like the cooks and this depletes the amount of money also, so when they barely have enough money from tips already they are often forced to share them.


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