Whip my HAIR 101

can you whip your hair? 'cause I did!

I'm sure you are familiar with dutch braid, french braid, and any other 3 strand braids. But are you familiar with 11 strand braid??? That's right, ELEVEN strands woven into a single braid!It may look hard but it's easy as 1 2 3! ^_^

Here's how!

1. Divide your hair into three sections. Make sure that the middle is thicker than the other two. (For balancing purposes)

2. Make a 5 strand braid in the middle section.

3. Get the hair at the right section and make a 3 strand braid on it. But as you are braiding it, loop one strand in every outer loop of the 5 strand braid you made at the middle section (Right side of the middle section and closest strand of the right section to the middle). Don't worry it won't loose.

4. Do the same thing on the left section.

And voila! You're done!

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