The Crave Mobile® is on tour with food, fun, games and more.

Test your knowledge with a little Crave-worthy trivia.

  1. What year did the first White Castle® open?
    (ANSWER: 1921)
  2. Where was the first White Castle located?
    (ANSWER: Wichita, Kansas)
  3. How many sliders come in a sack?
    How many in a Crave Case®?
    (ANSWER: 10; 30)
  4. How much did a slider cost when White Castle first opened its doors?
    (ANSWER: $.05)
  5. Which of the following has never been on the White Castle menu?
    a. Hot Dog
    b. Peanut Butter and Jelly Slider
    c. Pizza Slider
    (ANSWER: Peanut Butter and Jelly Slider)
  6. In 1947, a Cincinnati White Castle operator sped up the cooking time of sliders by doing what to the beef patties before cooking?
    (ANSWER: Adding five holes)
  7. What year did White Castle air its first TV commercial?
    a. 1950
    b. 1960
    c. 1970
    (ANSWER: 1960)
  8. White Castle celebrated its 40th birthday by hitting what big milestone in 1961?
    a. 100 million sliders sold
    b. 500 million sliders sold
    c. 1 billion sliders sold
    (ANSWER: 1 billion sliders sold)
  9. White Castle made its big screen debut in what 1977 classic movie?
    (ANSWER: Saturday Night Fever)
  10. In 1991, White Castle started accepting reservations for what holiday, while providing table-side service to participating customers?
    (ANSWER: Valentine’s Day)


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