1 Day Trip to Venice

Making the most of your time

You have just one day to spend in Venice, too little I know, But you have to think of ways to get the most out of that time in the city. Here 's How I planned my 1 day itinerary for Venice..

1st Attraction

Ride the Waterbuses or Gondolas and through the Grand Canal and enjoy the stunning architecture of Venice. You can spend an entire day in those gondolas but there are other things to see as well.

2nd Attraction

St Mark's Square: The square is named after the stunning Basilica San Marco that occupies the east end of the square. Take a stroll in the most famous square in the world or just take a sit and listen to the bands playing at the square's world famous cafes.

3rd Attraction

Basilica Di San Marco - This ‘Church of Gold’ is a must see in Venice. Also make it a point to visit the St. Marks Museum.

4th Attraction

Your visit to Venice is incomplete without a visit to the oldest cafe in the world. You can enjoy a live concert while you sip your coffee (with an additional cost to your pocket though)

That's a well spent day in Venice. If want to take a look at some more attractions here is another itinerary that will also guide you about the timings of each venue and the best way to explore them.