By Tabitha Maskell

Bullying Definition

There are four kinds of bullying, physical, social, verbal, and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is hitting, kicking, punching, and pushing. social bullying is leaving people out. Verbal bullying is name calling, threats and saying things about you. Last but not least is Cyber bullying, cyber bullying is mean texts, tweeting mean things about you, prank calling, rude coments on facebook.


Nearly one in three school students get some level of bullying between the grades of 6-10. Bullying does not just happen inside the school though. Bullying is not always something that occurs during childhood. Suicide rates are high because of bullying.Suicide rates from bullying often come from all different kinds of bullying.

Why does bullying happen?

Bullying happens because people are different. They may get bullied because they wear glasses. They could be less popular than  other sudents. If you are under or overweight you get bullied mainly because they are over weight. Thats a big one because now every one has to be skiny to be liked. People with different races or religion get bullied. If they have a disability they get bullied too.

Some Symptomes of bullying?

When you see unexplained bruising or injuries of any type. Destruction of property is one sometimes. Faking of illness is one to keep you eyes open for. Missing meals and avoiding family dinners is another one. Nightmares and not wanting to go to sleep. If they had good grades and now their grades aren't as good. Hurting themselves is a really big one. Losing their best friends.

Who try to help and what do they do to help?

National Bullying prevention center help with bullying. They did make it orange and make it end. This is to try to stop bullying. Everyone that cares about bullying they wear orange shirts to make is stop. They do walk/runs against bullying. They create posters about bullying. They make things called above the line and below the line. The things above the line are good and the things below the line are bad and those things are considered bullying.

It's sad we can not get bullying across.

Why is it important for people to know about bullying?

It is importan for people to know about bullying. If people know about bullying they could help stop it. They might help people around the world. By saying a few simple words it can make someones day. Tell them they are worth it. Tell them they are beautiful/handsomeand to say stay strong.

This picture says  alot Just stop Bullying!!!!!

Discribe  how bullying is in my book

Rafe goes into a new school. He meets all new people. On the first day he already has two people who dont like him. They get him in trouble. They call him mean names. They also take his stuff and make him get in trouble when he is trying to get it back.

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