My name is Bridgette Gaitor and I'm 34years old. I've had many obstacles that have hindered me from finishing school. Now, I'm more focused than ever and so close to my dream. I'm inviting you all in to a visual of my life... Hope you enjoy!!

My biggest inspiration in life is my family, especially my mom. She has encouraged me to continue and strive till I make it. At the age of 6 I watched my father take his last breath, ever since then it's been me and my mom. So I do what I can to make her happy and make her proud.

Mervinn and I don't have any kids but we love our dog Blue as if she was our own daughter. I love this dog so much. No kids so until then she's my baby.. Lol

I'm a proud member of THE best sorority... Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. in Spring 2004 I became a proud member of this wonderful sorority and gained some beautiful line sisters as well as sorors...

For the past 13 years I've been employed by Miami Dade County Public Schools. I'm currently working with Emotional Behavior students... Though some of their disabilities they are my loves and I make sure they understand the importance of education and not letting their disability hinder them.

Growing up I always admired my grandmother. Before she died she dedicated her life to educating young children. She loved the little ones because she always told me that that is where you begin to mold the minds of them and the direction you want them to go. That's the belief I have for becoming in the field of early childhood. Also, to make sure my curriculum is creative and helpful towards their growth in education as well as life.

For the past five years my boyfriend Mervinn has had my back to the fullest. To insure I complete my journey has has made an initiative to make things happen financially and being a motivator. I owe a lot to him... He can be a tough one...lol but I love him.

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