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Most professionals in today’s business world realize that in order to achieve success, they need to set themselves apart from the competition — they must, somehow, distinguish themselves as being a cut above the rest. One way in which it is possible to accomplish such a feat is to engage in active branding. For some, especially the technologically savvy, this task is easily satisfied. For others, the idea of branding is daunting. Fortunately, with companies like Worldwide Branding, it is not only achievable; it is easy.

Worldwide Branding takes the guesswork out of the branding process by providing members with resources that are specially designed to help them promote themselves, and highlight the things that set them apart from competitors. Some may think this sort of self-promotion is less credible than being picked up organically by a local media outlet — a means of “tooting one’s own horn,” so to speak; however, the truth is that as social media saturates every market and media outlet, and current events that impact the world naturally take precedence over small business owners’ achievements, the “little people” who are leftover need these resources to make their voices heard. There’s certainly no shame in taking positive steps to promote oneself, as long as the information being shared is honest and thoughtfully presented. Since Worldwide Branding takes the time to get to know members on a deeper level, they are proud to endorse every individual’s accomplishments in order to help them achieve their goals.

Here are some of the ways Worldwide Branding has helped members communicate their brands effectively:

Compilation of a Comprehensive Biographical Profile: Each member who enrolls in membership completes an interview to gather biographical information, including professional goals and accomplishments. This information is reviewed by the editorial staff, transformed into a profile that accurately portrays the member, and included in an exclusive online registry where it can be accessed by other members. This is the first step in the branding process.

Press Release Creation and Distribution: Next, many members choose to take advantage of Worldwide Branding’s press release-writing services. A personal branding specialist gathers additional information about the member, including what he or she would like to promote at that particular time, and the editorial department drafts a press release that the member may then review and approve. The press release is then distributed online so that the member benefits from increased Internet exposure. Since the press release is written and endorsed by Worldwide Branding, the member is able to discreetly benefit from a third-party promotion. As the press release is “picked up” by Web crawlers, its ranking in search results improves organically, further enhancing the member’s visibility on the Web.

Search Engine Optimization: Sticking with the press release as an example, each member can take the next step in the branding process by purchasing a search engine optimization campaign. Worldwide Branding’s SEO experts use keywords associated with the press release to positively impact search results, thereby enticing users to click through to learn more about the member by reading the release.

What if you’re less inclined to engage in online branding, and prefer more tangible options? Worldwide Branding has something for everyone, including exclusive features in print publications like Pro-Files Magazine, “Top 101 Industry Experts” and an annual calendar series. For every one of these options, an interview is conducted with the member — each set of interview questions is tailored to fit the theme of the respective publication — and the final result is a beautifully crafted product that can be shared with colleagues, clients, family and friends. There is something very personal about physically sharing information, and a feature in any one of Worldwide Branding’s publications is certainly an impressive representation of a member’s success, and a great way to promote one’s brand.

Worldwide Branding is dedicated to being the chief provider of branding resources for professionals from all industries and stages of professional development. For more information, please visit www.worldwidebranding.com

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