Who’s a Scam and Who’s Not?

With the advent of online networking and popup Internet schemes, it’s no wonder many consumers maintain an air of skepticism when it comes to “Who’s Who” organizations. In many cases, that skepticism is warranted — a well-informed consumer is a smart consumer, so it’s important to understand how to tell the difference between legitimate organizations and scammers to avoid getting mixed up in a “Who’s Who” scheme. If you’re interesting in joining a professional network, consider the following:

1) How long has the organization been in business?
2) Is there a brick and mortar location or is this a cyber structure?
3) Does the organization live up to its promises?
4) Are they readily accessible by phone and email?
5) Do they have any testimonials to support their claims?

If you can’t easily locate the answers to all of the questions above, you may want to heed that warning flashing in your mind before you move forward.

At Worldwide Who’s Who, we pride ourselves on being accessible to our members, and non-members, because that is how we grow and best serve each person in our network. We make an effort to stand out from “Who’s Who scams” that give our industry a negative reputation and thus discourage prospective members from benefiting from the services we provide.

Located in beautiful RXR Plaza in Uniondale, N.Y., Worldwide Who’s Who has been publishing professional biographies for more than 15 years. We have risen above vanity publishing and developed a suite of services of which we are truly proud. Our online networking platform enables members to search for and network with one another, thereby increasing their opportunities for personal and professional growth. Each member receives unique login credentials to utilize our online registry, where they can post and view ads and events, learn about other members, and update their personal information over time. They also have access to our staff of editors, who are trained to effectively develop each member’s brand through various written resources, including press releases, newsletters, special online features and print publications, among others. Additionally, we offer professional Web and video development, radio interviews and powerful promotional pieces to bolster their respective brands and increase their credibility, all while maximizing their online exposure through marketing tools such as SEO campaigns.