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Writers: Maddy Hyams, Page Anderson, Jazzy Bibart, Michaela Bingham

Everyone has dealt with depression, self-image, bullying, relationships, and  addiction  and we know that as a teen you just want to make sure that somebody is there for you and that you can go to somebody who has gone through the same thing as you and is there for you no matter what you are going through. We have all dealt with something along those lines it doesn't matter if you want to admit it or not you have gone or will through it and you won’t go through it alone. As far the word/ topic depression goes it really goes talks about everything that goes along with it like cutting and suicide and just to feeling alone. Growing up can be a big pain from year 13 to year 19 and sometimes even past then but here are some background on some girls that we know.

They might look like they have it all together but they have everybody fooled they walk through life with a smile on their face and try not to let little things get them down. We never really understand why we do what we do but sometimes the things that we do we think that nobody else really sees it but we see the scars of your past and we know that one day you will get over the pain like we have. What really made the depression take a turn for the worst was when we were bullied, picked on and people made fun of our weight. But the thing that really got her is that they would tell her that she would never be loved by anybody. We have cut and we have felt alone but we know what it is like to think that the world is against you and that nobody likes you. We all struggle with something self-image, depression, bullying, relationships and addiction, you're not going through it alone.


The Trevor Project is a suicide help line for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning) youth. The people who are behind this project are real trained professionals, not just people who want to help. The people who want to help can always donate and do things such as that. This project has helped and saved many LGBTQ teens. I've even met some people who have been incredibly helped by The Trevor Project. IF YOU ARE A LGBTQ YOUTH THAT IS QUESTIONING SUICIDE PLEASE GET HELP. YOU'RE MADE FOR A REASON.

BetterHelp is an e- counseling therapy session given by licensed online therapist. When you sign up for this website they will ask you what is bothering you and making you feel the need to seek help. Once you've answered  these questions they will sign you up for an online therapy session. These sessions are confidential and protected.

"Get the support and the guidance that you need by exchanging messages with your counselor."

HelpGuide's article on tips on how to Deal with Depression teaches you many sorts of coping tips. It shows you how to challenge negative thinking, how to develop a wellness toolbox, how to find your road to recovery, and etc. "Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to do what you need to feel better." These teachings on how to rise against depression is an amazing read for anyone seeking or not seeking help. Everyone goes through some type of pain and these tips can help out anyone in any situation.

The "6 Truths About Depression and How to Overcome It" article by Lisa Firestone is a life changing blog post. One in ten Americans struggle with Depression. So, it's defiantly a normal thing to deal with. Lot's of people struggle with depression and sadness so, an article like this is very very useful and very very needed. Depression is not something that people can just leave behind and choose not to feel. You can't just overcome it easily and leave it like nothing happened. These 6 truths about depression will help you overcome your personal depression and will help you understand it more. Once you understand something it's easier to overcome it.

With depression comes the cutting now none of us plan on doing it, but we get that little voice in the back of our heads that say we are worthless, nothing, a waste of space, and so on. Don’t listen to that voice, you are wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and more than you can ever imagine. When somebody says something negative about you hear the positive, when they say you can’t, you say you can. You are somebody and you are loved, and I don’t want you to ever forget that, you are more than what they say about you. Don’t give in because of the lies that people say about you. Don’t buy the lies that the world tries to tell you and make you feel bad. I know that it can be really hard, to not listen to what the world has to say about you. It’s all worth it in the end I promise you will see the good in the bad, the amazing the bad times and most of all you will see that cutting won’t help you deal with any of that. Now you’re probably like, “This girl is crazy she doesn’t know what she is talking about, she has never cut or anything along those lines. She has it all together.” Don’t judge a book by its cover well all struggle and hide things that we don’t want others to see or know about, and I’m one of those people. I have cut and I know how it is, you feel like the world is always against you, like there is no hope for you, like you want to end it all. Don’t do anything that you will regret, don’t hold stuff in, it’s not good for you. If you hold it in it will lead to a major break down and that major break down will lead you to cutting. Please, stop cutting, it’s a really hard thing to do because you think at the time it helps with your problem but that’s what your body wants you to think and feel. It only takes one time, to get hooked on cutting. Yet we tend to tell ourselves that it will make us feel better and that it will only be a onetime deal, when we know that all it takes is one time and that is where it takes off.

Cutting is the one thing that I want all to understand that it’s not an okay thing to do, because you have to realize that yeah, you are hurting yourself but you are also hurting the ones around you when you don’t tell what’s going on in your life. I for one struggle with this one so much, because I don’t like to say how I feel about things so I tend to keep it bottled up inside until I can’t hold it in anymore and I have a major break down and don’t know what to do. If you are like me, let people inside tell people what and how you are feeling don’t hold anything any, be open about what’s going on in your life at the set time. It will make it a lot better and together we can beat the blade, voices and all the negative things in like that bring us down. I love each and every single one of you I don’t know you on a personal level but I do care about you, and I want you to be open about whatever you feel like doing. Like if you feel like cutting think of all the good things about you and if you feel like ending it all…well don’t because somebody well a lot of people will miss you. Get a strong support group set up behind you so the days that you want to cut you can go to them and remember how they are for you and not against you, because they are to lift you up and not to bring you down.


This is more than just the boyfriend, girlfriend type of relationships, this can be with family, friends, neighbors, best friends and even with your animals if you have any. Relationships take a lot of trust believe it or not and once somebody has done something to lose that trust it’s really hard to gain it back and even if you do get it back, the trust that the person once had in you will have a big impact on your relationship with them. There are really didn't types of relationships and here are a few, with some definitions. The boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, yes they can be great but they are also a very hard thing to maintain if you the type of guy/girl or struggles with trust and who gets jealous easily then you shouldn't really be in a relationship, at this point in time. Which is for the better and for the worst. If you are always getting jealous because you see your boyfriend talking to another, you will think that he is cheating on you, you know that you do, you may try to deny it but it’s true. Which is like a saying I once heard. A relationship without trust is like having a phone with no service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games.

Family relationships, we all know that we don’t have the perfect family and we try to act like we don’t fight with brothers and sisters but we all know that we do. We all do, from your family to next, we all fight, get mad, want to leave, don’t like the way we are being treated and so on and so forth. It happens, there will be conflict in the family but if you have a good relationship with your parents all of that could happen less. As in there could be less fights, arguments, disagreements. Siblings, they can be a pain, but you have to think about it sometimes the relationship that you have with your parents makes a big impact on your younger siblings because they are looking up to you for what to do when they get to around your age and you also need to show them that you are there for them no matter what. You should have a stronger relationship with your siblings I think than really anybody else. Just think back to when you were their age and something happened to you that you didn't want to talk to your parents about, who did you go to? You want them to come to you so that you can have a stronger relationship with them so that they know that you are for them and not against them….all the time….what who said that? Like in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was to marry her cousin because he was the last in the family I guess you could say. But instead of that she fell in love with the enemy.

Friend relationships, now this is one that goes off on a lot of things from best friends, friends, to almost friends to the best best friends and then there is that one friend that you do and tell everything too. Like in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet and her nurse were what some would call best friends I guess you could say, Juliet told her everything that she didn't want her parents to know. That relationship that Juliet had with her nurse took a lot of trust, being that she knew that her nurse wouldn't tell her parents anything that she told her. That is the type of relationship that we should have with each other and know that what we tell our close friends we know that they won’t tell, no matter what it is. Which it all goes back to the trust, when you tell them something you have faith, hope and trust that they won’t tell no matter what happens or what they go up against. You trust that they will keep what you tell them and if they do, that way you know that the relationship that you have with your friend is one that is strong and actual means something.

Relationships are somewhat difficult, everyone wants that perfect you are not always going to have that perfect relationship with the people around you, but you always have to try to. Even though you don't like someone that's in you're life its always better to suck it up have a good relationship with them instead of a bad one.


Self-Image is the way you view yourself, and not just your body. This includes your personality, body, mind, and every single thing about you. The only one who can truly know yourself, is you, so you might as well look at yourself in a good way.

Now everybody struggles with the way that they look, either they think they are too fat or too skinny, which why should it matter to what you look like? All that matters is what is on the inside that’s what really counts. Have you ever thought that the way that you look is just perfect for you? You don’t need to change so that the ‘popular’ guy in your school will date you, if he doesn't like you for the way that you are, then he doesn't deserve you, because clearly doesn't understand your self-worth. If he wants you to look like the models on the magazines then he doesn't really care about you. The only thing that he really cares about is what you will do for him. Hints in the word self-image it has the word self which means you…yes…and you. It starts with you and ends with you, if you think that starving yourself will make that boy want you then you are wrong. You are beautiful just the way you are and don’t let anybody try and tell you that you aren't because the only reason why they do, is because for they are jealous of you and want to make you feel bad about yourself and for two they don’t care how you feel they want to make you feel bad about yourself that way they can feel better knowing that they mad someone sad.

Don’t listen to the voice of the world because it will try and make you do the things of the world and try to make you act like what the world does. Because if you don’t have the look as in the body as what you see everybody else has then the world will make you feel bad about your self-image and that is the plan that it wants to do, to make others feel like they aren't good enough and that they way that they look is bad. Stop right there. If you are being down about the way you look because you don’t look like the girls on the magazines you should stop stressing about it because, it’s called Photoshop, you are beautiful because you are unique and please don’t let anyone lie to you and say that you aren't. I want you to be happy and not have to worry about what others say about you. If they call you fat, what you should hear is “Oh girl you are beautiful just the way you are.” Hear the positive in the negative, I love you all. Stay beautiful and just be you.

So today on the radio I heard the song More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz. I was in the car with my grandparents, trying to have a conversation with them, but I couldn't concentrate on the talking. The song on in the background that was just to powerful to ignore. This song is about a girl who is insecure and she is pressured by society to be this image and person that she is expected to be. (“Little girl fourteen flipping through a magazine, says she wants to look that way, but her hair isn't straight, her body isn't fake, and she's always felt overweight”) I think that this is a really big problem. I like that the writer describes it as, “she’s always felt” because most teens today do actually want to stand out. We thrive on attention and by standing out we get that. Yet we feel pressured to push ourselves to be the image we find as perfect. For some that may not be fitting in a size 2, it might be having certain hair or clothes, or be good at certain things. But that’s just as unhealthily as trying to be another person, because we are still trying to be something we’re not. Then the artist continues the song in the next verse to move on and state that we do stupid stuff chasing things that don’t matter. The song directly brings up staving and eating disorders, which I think is good. Sometimes I get tired of songs trying to cover up the problems of the world with metaphors. I want it raw.

Pushing that to the side, the bridge of the song it beautiful. “So turn around you're not too far, to back away be who you are, to change your path go another way, it's not too late, you can be saved, if you feel depressed with past regrets, the shameful nights hope to forget, can disappear, they can all be washed away.” This really hits that no matter how deep in depression, addiction or what ever you struggle with it is never to late to turn your life around.

Now I wanted to save the chorus for last. “There could never be a more beautiful you, don't buy the lies, disguises and hoops, they make you jump through, you were made to fill a purpose that only you could do, so there could never be a more beautiful you.” I had a friend tell me that it is physically impossible for there to be a more beautiful you. I had never heard this song back then, but now that I have I know where they got their line of wisdom.

So remember, there can never be a more beautiful you.

Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.

"Love is Louder was started by The Jed Foundation, MTV and Brittany Snow to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone. It’s hundreds of thousands of people just like you who have turned this idea into a movement. A movement of all types of people who have come together to raise the volume around the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that brings us down." - http://www.loveislouder.com/the-movement/

You might be the type of person who may not like the way that they look, you might think that you are too fat, too skinny, need to lose so many pounds so that people will like you. The way you are, is just perfect don’t try to change because you think that if you do that others will like you. If you don’t like the way you look for a reason then we understand what you are going through and how hard of a time it is right now. It gets better I promise and the struggles that you have now you won’t all ways I have I promise you that because it does and will get better, I know that you hear that a lot but it does. Right now you might think that it won’t but it will get better before you know it and you will be happy about it. If you think that you have to look like what the world wants you to look like then you are wrong. When you go to stores you see only ‘’skinny’’ manikins but as humans we know that we come in all different shapes and sizes. One size doesn't fit all have you ever thought about that, you might not be skinny but you should be happy that you are you. Imagine a world where everybody was the same…pretty boring right? That’s why we need to have all different shapes and sizes in the world that way it doesn't become the “norm”. It’s like how people call themselves “hipsters” they think that they fit in with the world but they really don’t. Following the trends and what society wants you to look like is nothing but a lie.

Don’t talk yourself down, but instead talk yourself up because you are beautiful and amazing. Love the way that you look because you only have one life to live and do you really want to spend that time, hating the way that you look? I think that you really want to spend that time loving your body and the way that it looks. You are made a certain way for a reason and if people don’t like you because the way that your body is, it’s because they are jealous, they are drinking the Haterade, and the most popular flavor that is always being sold is jealous, and lust. They are mad and put you down because they want to look like you because you are amazing and unique just the way that you are and you don’t need to change to be like anybody or so that anybody will tend to like you. If they don’t like you right now then, if you stand out and are proud of the way that you look, that’s all that matters. Don’t talk yourself down about the way that you look, but instead lift yourself up about that way that you look. No negative talk, only positive and that will help your self-image.


This song is mainly about drug use but it applies to any addiction. We think that drugs, cutting, making ourselves throw up is this answer, when it may be, but for only a few minutes. This song is really powerful and it has personally helped me. So even if you are struggling with addiction you can get out. It may be hard, but possible.

Addiction is a big problem and is a very messy situation. We get hooked on things like drugs, partying, cutting, porn, etc. to try to cope with the pain that we feel. In reality we just need to find help and use healthy solutions.

As teens you tend to have more addictions, than you really should. It can be anywhere from Facebook, Twitter, gambling, smoking, drugs, alcohol, self-harm, sex, bullying and a lot more. Everybody has an addiction that you know that you have but you may think that nobody else knows about. Stop hiding your addiction or addictions and get help, because what’s done in the dark will find the way to the light and once it’s out, it’s out. There is no turning back and no taking it back. I want you to feel like the hold that your addiction once had on you has been erased and it didn't exist, I believe that you can and will overcome that addiction that holds you captive.

Addictions don’t make a person and don’t really control a person, it’s on the person to either go with the addiction or fight against it. Habits don’t make us, we make habits and we can either control them or we can let them control our lives. I don’t want you to have to struggle with the addictions that you have, it’s hard to let them go because you always seem to want more. If you restrain yourself from doing your addictions then you are slowly getting away from it. If you need to put a filter on your computer then do it, need to get help for cutting, drugs, alcohol and smoking, go to AA meetings or go check yourself into a rehab center near you. Love to gamble, sit down with somebody and talk about it. Tell them how long you have struggled with it. How many times a day, do you use and or do your addiction. Then just explain why you struggle with it, and how you really want to get help about it. Whatever you struggle with you can and will overcome it, might not be today, but it will be one day.


So this is one of my favorite YouTubers making a stand against bullying. He honestly made some good points that are true. We need to start standing up to bullies and then they lose their power that they have on you. I'm not saying bully the bully, just don't tolerate them. This is a big problem for a lot of teens today, but it has always been a big problem.

This picture basically represents all types of bullying, and how it needs to stop. Bulling is something that will never end, you just have to take a stand against it. Everyday every every hour millions of people get bullied. There are many types of bullying, but they all lead to the same thing like, physical injury, social problems, emotional problems, and even death.

Understand that bullying can lead to very serious situations. Imagine that girl you made fun of because she didn't "fit in" she's already has a bad relationship with her parents and now is thinking about self harming. It really is sick that people would rather make someone feel bad about themselves instead of making them feel good about themselves. I know that everyone who is reading this has heard this before "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all."

I'm putting this song under bullying because that's how I relate to it. I think of it as 'no matter how much crap you get thrown at you, you can still be strong'. This is just a really good reminder that no matter how much we get brought down (by others or ourselves) to just keep going and to never stop believing in our hopes and dreams.

At some point in time we have gotten bullied because of something that we have, don’t have. What we are, what we eat, how we talk and the background from which we have come from. Now what I mean by beat the bully, I don’t really mean physical go up and beat them. No! Don’t do that because if you do then you will be considered a bully as well for doing that. By beating the bully you take a stand against them, and at the same time you have to keep a level head about it. Don’t scoop to the bullies level because if you do then you are becoming as low as they are and you really don’t want that to happen. What you have to understand that there is a reason why they bully people, we never know what somebody is going through and maybe the bully bullies because it’s a hard time at that certain point and time in their life. We have all in some way bullied another person, you might deny it but deep down inside, you know that it’s true we have done things that we aren't proud of but it’s all a part of growing up and we have to learn from our mistakes.

In this case it’s the bully that has to learn that taking your anger out others and putting them down won’t help the problem. To beat the bully one must only see and hear the positive things that bully says and does, don’t let what they say get to you; they want to get a reaction out of you and if they do then they feel that they have won and will always win. If you show that you don’t care for what they have to say, then they will stop picking on you and hopefully on everybody else as well. This might not always work because you might find it hard to do at first but if you put your mind, soul and everything you have, into then it will work and you can walk around happy and don’t have to worry about that problem. In a way it’s like taking a stand, if we all rise up we can beat the system and the bully.

Character Blogs



I was love struck, and surprised that Romeo had found me. I thought it was sweet that he came up to my balcony to visit me, but also scared because I didn't want my dad to catch us being tougher.  I never knew what love was until Romeo walked into my life.  I love the way that he talked to me I felt like I could do anything. The way that his lips felt on mine, it was beyond what words could say, I didn't want him to leave because I knew that I loved him and he loved me too.  When he left I became so depressed that I sent for my nurse to go and find what his last name was. I never thought that I'd be in love with the enemy, but it happened and nothing can change that. So that night after he left I went out on the balcony  and was thinking about him and upon doing that I came up with thoughts of us together. Oh, how I love him, he is what I live for, he is all that I can think about. Does he love me like I love him? What if he doesn't love me and he's only using me to get my cousin mad? Oh, Romeo wouldn't do such a thing I know that because he is too sweet to do something like that. But what if I'm wrong? I can't be the way that he held me when we were dancing, it was a loving hold and grip. I was made for Romeo just as he was made for me . God put us at the dance together for a reason and I understand why. I want to be with Romeo and not with anybody else, I love him so much, he loves me just as well so we were meant  to be together and we shall marry.


I walked into Juliet’s room with a lot on my mind, it’s her big day and I want her to have a fun time. She’s going through a lot right now with what happened with Romeo, She was in love at first sight. I know she wanted Romeo to be the one she was going to marry today. I just want to see my beautiful Juliet happy on her wedding day and comfortable with who she was going to marry. I was shocked to hear that she agreed to marry Paris after what happened with her mother and father, but I think that it’s great and sweet of Juliet to be willing to work things out. I went to wake her up, but I had no response. I thought she was just really tired and didn't want to get up. But when I tried for the third time I knew something was wrong. And when I checked to see if she was still breathing, she wasn't, I didn't feel anything. My heart immediately fell out of my chest, tears started rushing down my face as I called for her mother and father in the room to tell them that Juliet was no longer with us… Juliet was my everything, My other half, I was heartbroken to see my beautiful Juliet dead . I was like

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