by:Jamiyah Dotson

Pocahontas  was born in 1593 in Werowocomoco and real name is Amonute.She has five siblings three sisters and two brothers,she was the oldest of all her siblings and also a great leader.Her father was chief  Powhatan,chief Powhatan was the leader of eight different tribes and also was kind to all of his six children.But after the sixth child was Pocahontas's mother died.Everyone was very sad but her spit was still with the whole tribe she was part of.When Pocahontas's mother was gone she was very heartbroken and sad her sisters tryed to make her feel better.Her mother had a neckless that she always would always wear before she died she told Powhatan to give her neckless to Pocahontas. Thats all I know about Pocahontas.

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