Video game evolution

From the first 8-bit video game to ones that look like real people. Video games have evolved a lot over the years.

1958: Though most people believe that 'Pong' was the first video game it was more likely to be 'Tennis for two'. The game was made in Brookhaven National Laboratory.

1952: Pong was made by Atari and first came out in arcade form. Playing ping pong has never been more fun.

1978: Space invaders was another game that was first built in arcade form. The game allowed you to shoot space creature and avoid them.

1981: Donkey Kong is a platform game were you play as "Jumpman" although many know him as Mario. The goal of the game is to avoid the barrels and save the girl.

1982: PacMan was a very good selling game and took 8-bit to a new level. It was later re-made into Mrs.PacMan for gender equality.

1985: Super Mario Bros. Featuring the family known Mario and Luigi the 8-bit is an all new kind of fun. FunFact: It is called Mario Bros. Which suggest their last name is Mario therefore Mario's full name is Mario Mario.

1991: Sonic The Hedgehog. With better graphics this was a breakthrough. You play as a blue hedgehog avoiding obstacles with super speed.

1992: Alone In the Dark. A survival horror game where you play as Edward.

1995: The Need For Speed.  A driving game where you can race the fanciest (Well 1900's graphics fancy) cars.

1997: Grand Theft Auto. You can also race your friends or just down the streets to freak other drivers out.

2000: The sims. A game where you can make almost anything happen. You control the sims life.

2004: G.T.A San Andreas. With better graphics now you can do more in the new G.T.A.

2007: Crysis. A first person shooter that was made by Crytek.

2009: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Part of the C.O.D series Modern Warfare 2 is a first person where the player goes through missions or you can just play with your friends.

2009: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Part of the C.O.D series. IT is an awesome first person shooter.

2011: Crysis 2. Another game of the Crysis series. It is also a first person shooter. It continues the first story.

2011: Minecraft. A world made of block. Discover new things and build what ever you would like.

2013: Crysis 3. Yet another great game from the Crysis series and continues this great story.

2014: Destiny. A first person shooter that takes place in out space. Traveling from planet to planet to fight for humanity.

Technology has help humans evolve in many ways like medicine, communication & most importantly fun! Even if it is a little game it can lead to new discoveries.


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