Erik Peters

Career Goal

Career Overview:

Actuaries use math and statistics to calculate the odds that an event will happen. They design insurance programs and pension plans.

Career Skills and Interests:

Listen to others, understand, and ask questions

Understanding new information or materials by studying and working with them

Use math skills to solve problems

Motivate, develop, and direct people as they work

Persuade others to approach things differently

Career Working Conditions:

Spend half of the time working alone. However, it is very important to work well in teams.

Mostly work indoors

Must complete all their work and do it accurately

Often work at least 40 hours per week

Career Wages and Outlook:

Median US Salary $91,060

The insurance industry is the largest provider of actuary jobs, it should continue to be a stable source of employment.

Career Related Occupations:


Tax Examiner


Financial Manager

Career Program of Study

Career Program Overview:

Mathematics programs teach people how to use math to solve problems. Students learn many forms of algebra. They also learn about proofs, geometry, and logic.

Career Program Admission:

4 years of English

3 years of Math

3 years of Social Studies

2 years of Science

Career Program Typical Course Work:



Linear Algebra



Career Related Programs:

Actuarial Science




Schools that Offer this Program:

Bemidji State University

Minnesota state University, Moorhead

St. Cloud State University

Winona State University

St. Cloud State University

Size and Location

16,413 undergraduate students

1,906 graduate students

Admission Requirements

About 85% of all applications get accepted


Financial Aid



Plans to Reach My Goal

1. During high school I will work hard so I end up in the top quarter of my class

2. Score at least a 25 on my ACT

3. Receive a scholarship to St. Cloud State University

4. Receive tuition waivers from parents

5. Graduate college

6. Apply for an entry level job for a related field

7. Work there until I get the necessary amount of experience

8. Apply for a job as a Actuary

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