Why Live Agent Contact Centers Are Still Important

Numerous companies are now turning to the Internet to handle their customer recovery. While some even offer 24/7 customer service through a website or via social media platforms, it is not an equivalent replacement for a live agent contact center. There is no question that social media, email and the Internet are important parts of a customer retention and feedback program. However, if someone experiences technical problems or is unable to describe their problem in the format provided, people may not even bother contacting a company.

These methods of communication also do not provide the same level of attention or personal care that speaking with a company representative does. Furthermore, a frequent complaint among consumers is that businesses are too impersonal and don't value their customers. With a live agent contact center, individuals who reach out to a company can explain their problems at length and have their concerns resolved by an empathetic agent. Phone conversations also help build relationships and loyalty that are essential to businesses.

The most effective customer feedback and retention programs offer a variety of communication methods to consumers. Research has shown that a very small number of individuals, less than 10 percent, will bring up a problem at the time they encounter it. For businesses to be made aware of the issue as well as having a chance at recovering the customer, they must make it as convenient as possible for the individual to reach out to the company.

Making sure that 24/7 customer service is available is also crucial. People are now regularly calling well outside of normal business hours; approximately a third call after 6 p.m. and about a quarter call on the weekends. If agents are not available to work with someone, the customer is likely to give up and take their business elsewhere.

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