Why Should you Undergo 6 Months Industrial Training?

It is reported that not all graduates are ready to work in the industries after their studies. Companies want students who can rapidly adapt the workplace environment and outperform at their job. Also, when a recent pass-out student appears in an interview, he/she feels surprised when they are asked questions based on real-life projects. Both concerns are genuine.

What is the best way of to handle these concerns?

The only answer is 6 month industrial training in IT Park Chandigarh. During these 6 months, students experience a real work environment while studying. It gives them knowledge about how terminologies actually work in real-life industries and how should they prepare themselves for it. They get an opportunity to put learning into practice while training. 6 month training is usually a semester of any degree program, like B.Tech and Master of computed application. From hand-on training at companies, students get the skills necessary to work in today's competitive marketplace.

How to choose 6 Months Industrial Training in IT Park Chandigarh?

When it comes to industrial training in Chandigarh, there exists hundreds of best companies, like Kindlebit Solutions, to choose among. In the last few decades, this city has developed into one of the largest corporate hub in India. Some of these companies give no-stipend and paid training. But there exist many companies that pay, in the form of stipend, to the students as the worth of their dedication and skills. Half of the companies are doing only in the name of training. Many genuine companies give stipend on the basis of performance (after analyzing performance for 1-2 months). Some companies offer training to the students to help build their skill set and promote them to work on better positions. Keeping all these facts in mind, look at the following things when selecting training company:

  • They must be subject matter expert.
  • Besides subject matter expertise, they must be expert in imparting the best training to the students.
  • Choose a company possessing a vast experience and holding reputation in this area.
  • Check if the company is offering stipend during training. If not, then how they related their training program with student's growth.

Kindlebit Solutions is a reputed company that is popular for providing 6 months/weeks industrial training in Chandigarh. Their programs are for IT students: fresh engineers and polytechnic students. During training period, the company allows trainees to work on live industrial projects, which is very helpful for their future professional career. Their programs focus on developing abilities to work in a team and in a company environment. Their 6 month/weeks training program in Chandigarh include the following topics: JAVA, PHP, embedded system course, Hardware, Computer Networking, Android, Iphone and more on Live Project.

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