Why Use Social Media Programs and Customer Feedback?

The primary reason to use social media programs and customer feedback is to gain insight into the customer's reaction to a product or service provided by a grocery store or restaurant. While research and development teams can control product quality or service delivery and compile statistics relative to anticipated reception, success or failure depends on customer reaction.

Social media and feedback usage has opened the door to a new form of advertisement. Radio, TV and newsprint are essentially a one-way street that delivers a message to the public; however, feedback is a two-way street that not only gets that message out to the public, but transports reaction back to the company.

Tracking feedback is a futile effort unless it is used as the invaluable tool that it is. Not only can consistently monitoring feedback avoid crisis occurrence, it allows for alerts relative to customer concerns to be transmitted to the appropriate company team in real-time. While listening to customers is paramount, depending on the size of the company, at least one person should be designated to interact with customers on social platforms and respond to feedback postings. Additionally, usage of these resources facilitates a new way of dealing with negative and positive customer experience.

In the digital age, while social media usage is a popular way to foster customer trust and loyalty, only feedback gauges business health. These programs afford companies the opportunity to encourage customers and employees to input new product or service ideas and improvement suggestions. Responding to feedback enables companies to address customer concerns, pose questions and to apprise customers of lesser-known company facts about a product or service.

Company participation on social media sites equates to free publicity and compilation of feedback affords companies the opportunity to target marketing campaigns to a specific audience. When information relative to customer location, preferences and experience expectations is a mouse-click away, the effectiveness of the current product and service marketing campaign is readily evident.

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