Why tackk?

Tackk is a web-based application that holds a variety of applications for the classroom! Your tackk can be set to public or private. Students do not need an account to make a tackk, but tackks without an account only live seven days.

Below, look at some things you can do with tackk!

Possible Applications

  • You can create assignments with tackk: Link all important documents directly from Google Drive to the Tackk page for easy reference for your students. This works well for larger assignments with many steps
  • Create a multi-media experience to enhance your lessons through videos, images, and apps
  • Have students develop their own tackks to present ideas and a virtual poster
  • Embed directly onto your website using html code so that students can access it easily
  • Encourage class discussion or flip the classroom, with the comment tab at the bottom

Add art, photos, and student work

and spark discussion in the comment stream below!

Add images to your page and encourage a class discussion

Add videos from YouTube

encourage discussion of a shared viewing experience

Embed Audio

embed podcasts, songs, and student work! As the class listens together, have students post thoughtful questions or reactions in the stream!

Create Buttons

create noticeable links to important websites, documents and links!

Embed Media

tackk is compatible with all types of media and web-based platforms and applications!

Some examples are:




And Many More!

Exit Tickets and Feedback

Ask a prompting question and solicit feedback from your students with embedding a comment form.

Use Rubrics to Guide Student Posting and Comments!

Here is a rubric I developed specifically for comment streams and online discussions. Worried? Don't be! You do not have to have a comment stream on Tackk. Simply click the settings tab and turn off the stream!

This is a discussion rubric I developed specifically for online discussions.

Sample Tackk!

Here is a sample tackk I created for part of the Archetype unit.

What do you think of Tackk? Questions? Concerns? How might you use Tackk in your classroom? Post to Padlet to share your ideas with our department!

Comment Stream

3 years ago

@MsDePesa, I just love this! I started TACKKING this year and am ADDICTED! :)

3 years ago

@heathersanders, it's such a great web-based application!👍

3 years ago

Love this Tack! Can I share?

3 years ago

@shainaglass of course!😀