The Declaration

Mrs. Berrisford

Chapter 1-4

The main character, Surplus Anna, is very hard to connect with since this story takes place way into the future, though she is very believable. The writer was very great with details so even though it's hard to connect with something in the future , with the get details you can almost picture it in your ind while reading. It is hard to picture it in real life today but in your mind you can connect with Anna. What I find interesting about Anna is, how she can feel so much hatred towards her parents who probably lovee her to death, and she loves the people who treat them as if they are not human, and make them to believe they are useless. It truely boggles my mind.
~chapter 3, page 33, lines 3-7~
"And if he thought that it was funny or clever to tell lies and to talk about people's parents as if they weren't criminals, then he would learn soon enough that those kinds of things led to solitary or a beating."
  This quote reveals how Anna feel's towards the people who made her, Compare to the people who beat them and treat them as slaves.
~Chapter 2, page 24 line 10-14~
"As she had sat shivering in the cold bath (surpluses weren't allowed hot baths-they weren't allowed to use anymore of the worlds resources than was absolutely necessary)"
  This quote reveals how People who aren't counted as "surpluses" Treat those who are counted as them. They treat them as if they have no feelings.. or as if they are not even human. As if they do not care for them to be on the earth.
  I feel like this new surplus Peter will cause a problem for Anna, who has been there since the age of 2, problems. I feel this way because how he is so rebelious and "bad" then he is always taking risks. Just like when he snuck into Anna's room to tell Anna that her parents sent him there to go and get her.
~Chapter 4, page 48, line 12-20~
"Anna covey, I have to tell you about your parents,' he whispered. ' they wanted me to find you. You've got to get away from that evil Mrs Pincent. I've come to take you home Anna.'
Anna pushed him away and her eyes narroweed. ' You don't know my parents and i have no home,' she hissed. ' My parents are in prison. My name is Anna. Just Anna. I'm a surplus. And so are you. Get used to it, and leave me alone.'"

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