Accelerated Reader is NOT SCARY!

The Theater Troupe acts out the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

THE VALLEY VIEW THEATER TROUPE consists of a group of talented, experienced thespians who were happy to help me create a program for a group of third grade students to encourage them to achieve their Accelerated Reader (AR) goals. I have been lucky enough have many of these students in my class and I know that they are avid readers and did not need to utilize their acting skills to convince students that reading is fun.

The Theater Troupe used simple props and costumes to act out the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. It was obvious by all of the smiling faces that the third graders enjoyed the program.

The third graders were engaged during the entire program.

After the theater troupe acted out the book, we began discussion about reading in general, but specifically discussing the Accelerated Reader Program and encouraging them to read more for pleasure and to reach the AR goals. The students were very attentive and responsive during the discussion and especially enjoyed hearing from the high school students. During the discussion we allowed the students to share comments about specific books that they enjoyed.

After the discussion, we began the face painting portion of the program during which we allowed the students to choose one of four tables where their faces would be painted. The choices were: princess, cat, football player, or pirate. During the face painting process, the theater troupe continued to discuss reading with the students. The third graders were very excited about the face painting, but also about the one on one time with the theater students.

The face painting was a hit!

When each student finished getting his/her face painted, they joined us on the carpet and bean bags for a piece of candy and one more final open discussion about books.

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