By: Edgar Hernandez

Hello...I'm Apollo the god of the sun. Others also consider me god of music, medicine, truth, prophecy, knowledge, and archery. I will tell you little about me.


This a picture of me riding my horses around the sky

My favorite movie is Man of Steel because I can related with Superman. For example we both use the sun for something and we both are knowledgeable people.

Green Arrow is one of my favorite TV show because it reminds me of my great archery skills and of my twin sister Artemis who's god of haunting.

I love every type of music but this is one of my favorite song because is talking about knowledge and how I told you before I'm also god of knowledge.

I was born in Delos, Greece. Is one of my favorite places.

But my favorite place is Trujillo, Peru because it's always hot there.

That is it. I hope you enjoy it :)

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