WICR, Inc. - Home Deck Construction and Waterproofing Services

Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential (WICR, Inc.) is a San Diego, California, deck construction,deck maintenance, and waterproof coating company that has been serving the needs of businesses, associations, and homeowners throughout the United States since 1997. Under the guidance of Fred Wanke, WICR, Inc.’s lineage extends 35 years. Undertaking approximately 300 projects each year, WICR, Inc., handles everything from basic home deck weatherproofing to large-scale podium projects that incorporate features such as planters, courtyards, and below-grade parking.

WICR engages with manufacturer's representatives to ensure that all installations are undertaken methodically and with full warranties in place. WICR has extensive experience in waterproofing and has applied approximately 5 million square feet of quality coating over the years. The WICR, Inc., team also builds in-air barriers that help keep elements out and lengthen the lifespan of decks. The Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential team encompasses 30 field personnel, a full complement of sales representatives, and maintenance and customer service team members.