Tackk "MIOs" become Widgets
& the Editor-Injection rebuild

What's New

Faster Widgets

Every widget on Tackk had a fundamental issue that caused them to render too often & bloat the markup, especially in the editing process. This made the initial load of a Tackk slow & turgid. It could even cause the browser to lock up, which would be enhanced on any mobile device.

The widgets are Tackk's building blocks & a central focus of some upcoming projects. Plus we are always focused on bringing a fast, simple approach to creating content on Tackk.

We've restructured the widgets' delivery code to consolidate where possible and even change functionality in some cases.

Tackks Load Faster

API calls & JavaScript code required on the initialization of a Tackk were both reduced causing the initial load of a Tackk to be quicker.

Add New Widget

"Add more stuff" to your Tackk now with the Canvas Injector always available at the bottom of the editor. All of Tackk's Widgets are there for you to click-into your Tackk.


The toggles are quicker & leaner. A lot of code was eliminated from the settings as they were consolidated. We also allow you to delete content quicker if you haven't modified it yet.

Smarter Toggles

Repeatedly toggling to a setting can get annoying so we've always tried to help you out here by calculating "smart toggle" values. Now when you add a new widget, the initial toggle-values are based on their popularity within your Tackk. And during the editing process the most recently-selected option becomes the champ. The affect is to continue style pattern's you establish during your Tackk's creation.

Widget Settings

The interfaces for the widgets' settings mode are more consistent. Most times you'll see an input + button then the preview:

Widget Structure

The HTML necessary for each widget was drastically reduced. We also reduced the number of times we render the content (previously it re-rendered each time you toggled into & out of settings mode). It's now only rendered when the content changes. Making the editing experience that much quicker & making the browser work less.

Moving & Reordering Content

Click up or down to move content around. Your widget will stay in focus & move with you.

Add Content Anywhere

The new mid-line injector allows you to quickly add content anywhere on your Tackk. Just click the dashed line to add content between widgets – even at the top of your Tackk:

Tags are gone... or are they #psych

We removed the tags input at the bottom of Tackks but lucky for you #hashtags are allowed anywhere now. To accommodate, we moved all your old tags into the bottom of your Tackk.

Added bonuses

  • Form: Added the color toggle (adjusts the button color)
  • Money: Quantity is optional. Hover "Shipping included" to remove easily (see in action)
  • Widget Toggles: Focus on a text field & they toggles disappear to get out of your way
  • You can still tag from the tackkboard (for now). They won't show up on the Tackk.

Optimized Areas:

  • Smart Toggles determination
  • Blank Canvas show/hide determination
  • Load for Widgets: 1 API eliminated, Widgets sent in initial payload
  • Save for Widgets: 3 APIs eliminated
  • Title determination
  • Screenshots more accurate for video/audio embed
  • Tackkboard litebox loader & pre-loader
  • The Litebox experience... We reduced the preloader from 5 to 3 and delayed it so the primary tackk is given full priority until loaded.