William Acker of Miami University - An Unrequited Passion for Golf

As a young an energetic athlete, William Acker of Miami University tried everything he could to quench his thirst for physical activity and his need for competition. As a youth, Acker tried his hand at multiple sports, including baseball, soccer, football and basketball, yet he never really found his niche until he discovered the game of golf. Today, Acker is considered to be amongst the most talented scratch golfers in the region, someone who can provide a significant challenge to even the most seasoned of players in the area.

Having been introduced to the game of golf by his dad at the young age of 10, William Acker of Miami University quickly developed an appreciation for the psychological aspect of the game. He came to understand, very early on in fact, how golf was more of a challenge against himself than the other players on the course. After learning the rules, the etiquette and the fundamentals from his father, Acker began to quickly blossom into a young golf phenom, joining a junior golf league and soon becoming one of the most dominant young players the league had had in recent memory.

Though William Acker of Miami University choose to pursue his education rather than a career in the sport of golf, he continues to enjoy leisurely sessions on courses throughout the region. His hope is to one day share his passion for the sport with a son or daughter, and to be able to impart both his insight and his wisdom of golf to his young child.

William Acker of Miami University - Maintaining a Professional Appearance

William Acker of Miami University takes an enormous amount of pride in his personal appearance, as he knows just how important it is to maintain a clean, neat and professional look that exhibits confidence, self-respect and strong commitment to get things done. The top sales professional at a Miami-based auto supply company, Acker takes his position as the face of the company seriously, which is why he does his best to sport a well-dressed, groomed and professional persona.

Though he understands the value of looking his best, William Acker of Miami University knows that it requires much more than wearing a clean suit and tie. A professional, as he knows, must be able to make an accurate judgment as to what is appropriate and acceptable both within and outside of the workplace, and must be able to make adjustments accordingly.

One important factor of professional appearance, says William Acker of Miami University, is the hairstyle, which, regardless of the style itself, should always be clean, neatly combed or brushed, and well-trimmed. Professional men, as Acker knows, should also do their best to maintain a clean-shaven appearance, and that those who struggle with the classic five o’clock shadow would be wise to carry a portable electric razor with them at all times. After all, you never know when an impromptu meeting may pop up.

Keeping it simple, says Acker, is, well, often anything but, though accessories like watches, chains, rings, etc. should be limited and not too gaudy. Suits and ties should always be ironed and clean, and finger nails should always be well-trimmed and maintained.

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