Genghis Khan is not good

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3 years ago

I think Genghis Khan should be viewed with a negative angle because of his horrible massacres and methods. He and his people murdered millions of people and did horrible terrible things to innocent people. We have had leaders in the past that did this such as Hitler, yet some people don’t think Genghis Khan as so bad. Just because he was a long time ago does not mean the people he killed weren't real. Both leaders are not good in my opinion because they had no morals and no respect for humans. He wasn't a trustworthy man and had no morals. “Captured royal officials would die a slow painful death as molten silver was dripped into their eyes and ears;” Obviously this is a terrible merciless thing to do to people. “They lopped the ears off the fallen to commemorate the victory;” This again shows that Genghis Khan shows absolutely no regard for human life and a terrible man.