William Robinson Mesopotamia

The land of Mesopotamia is wonderful, from the flat landscape to the fertile soil.The land is also known by the fertile crescent,between the rivers, and if you want to, the Middle East. Something that makes this amazing is the creation of the first empire appeared here.  The ruler Sargon broke peace in 2300 BC looking to extend Akkadian territory. His soldiers conquered cities and gave him more power.  With this the first empire was made.

Before this ,all people cared about was survival.They needed to farm so they placed their crops near the river for water.  A big problem was that the river overflowed destroying the crops and even cities.They soon fount that they could dig canals and use systems of irrigation to protect crops, cities, and even their lives. By doing this they could increase population even more because of the surplus of food.

The Akkadian Empire

The early Mesopotamians developed the first system of writing this was organized and made sense to those who studied it.  Not everyone knew how to read and write though. Usually only the scribes knew how to read or write. The system was called cuneiform.  It was different from pictographs because  it was organized.  Organization was the first step to civilization.


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Irrigation Canals in Mesopotamia