Choosing my Project (entry #1)

what did you choose: I chose the arduino robots

why did you choose it: i want to see how a circuit board can be programmed and used in computers.

what you want to learn: to see how to programme and use it in a computer and what else it could be used for

would i want to make it my career: yes i would I've always loved computers and i think this could be a great start.

                                                    intro research(planning)(entry#2)

Today I did a basic activity in connecting the circuit board with wires and a led light. I am planning to start programing it soon.

Entry# 3

Today i have finished the basic circuit board and am now on the 2nd activity.

Entry #4

Today i learned how to control the speed of the led lights blinking using a potentiometer.

Entry #5

Today I finished the potentiometer and have started on the sik guide.

Entry #6

I have finished the sik circuit board and am now going to start the programming.

entry #7

I have started programming and have encounter 3 problems with it.

Entry #8

I am having the same problem with 2 things in the program.

Entry #9- technical stuffs

things i have used are things like leds which are in every day use like flashlights, i use jumper cable which connect and transfer power and data, and resisitors which transfer power from one side of bread board to another.

entry#9- your choice

for this one im gonna talk about the arduino programe, if your code dosent work its probably nothing to big maybe a word spelled wrong or a ; your turned it to a : its little stuff you need to look for.

entry#10- your choice

today i got my serv and strarted working on it its pretty cool it comes with attachments and other parts like screws.

entry#11-your choice

i have a problem with the code in the servo hopefully ill find it in the sik guide.

entry#12-your choice

i found the code error, it turns out it wasint bolded in the sik guide(which i use for the experiments) it was at the top and finnaly found it.

entry#13-your choice

today im thinking of ideas for a finnal project( if i have the time)
,i know im gonna use a servo motor.

entry#14-your choice

Im still thinking about the project researching code for it.

entry#15-your choice

Ive found out that my design is not possible for my servo can not do a full 360 rotation in a continuous rotation.

entry#16-your choice

ive finnaly decided i dont have enough time left, so i will research as much as i can.

entry#17-did it work

This project(arduino) in my opinion was a success even though i didnt do a end project i accomplished about 12 out of 16 of the experiments, i am also thinking about doing this over the summer for a hobby, so in my opinion it was a success.

entry#18- reflection

My project was arduino, I didn't finish the project but i get very indepth. Here is the problems and other things i encountered.

1). One problem is the programing, when you type it if you have a error in the code it could say its up top like its highlighted but really its at the bottom.

2).One great thing about this is that it opens up opportunity for a new skill or worker class, this can inspire project and making of amazing things.

3).I would do this in my career.
If I didn't I might do it as a hobby to pass time.

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2 years ago

Wow! This looks really difficult but you are doing an awesome job!