William E. Schuiling

Auto Industry Leader Based in Virginia

With an extensive background in the auto industry, William E. Schuiling serves as owner and chairman at Brown Automotive Group, LTD., based in Fairfax, Virginia. He oversees a chain of stores located in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., and each dealership focuses on a different brand of vehicles, such as Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Scion, Hyundai, and Jeep.

William Schuiling joined the company in 1970 as a sales manager at the Brown Pontiac dealership. He advanced to the position of general manager and subsequently purchased the stock of the company. During his tenure as owner, he has added multiple subsidiary companies, including Arlington Honda, Fairfax Lincoln Mercury, and Chantilly Auto Park. He has garnered loyalty from his employees and customers, and Brown enjoys status as a leading privately owned business in the mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to his professional experience, William Schuiling holds a BS in business from Michigan State University. He also completed a master of business administration at Wayne State University.

First President Bush Thanked William Schuiling for Patriotic Message

Fairfax, Virginia, automobile dealer William E. Schuiling still cherishes a signed letter he received in February 1991 from President George H. W. Bush, in response to his message of support for American military troops serving in the Persian Gulf War. A long-time supporter of the US Armed Forces, William Schuiling has made notable contributions to groups promoting veterans’ well-being, and even donated a Toyota Tundra truck to a local disabled service member.

At the time of President Bush’s letter, the United States and its allies were deep into the war against the regime of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who had invaded neighboring Kuwait. Hussein refused a United Nations demand to cease the occupation of the small Persian Gulf country by the middle of January 1991, as more than 500,000 U. S. troops stood prepared to go to battle in the region. The war began that month with the large-scale American-led air assault known as Operation Desert Storm.

Operation Desert Sabre, the allied ground offensive, began in late February. By February 27, the United States and its allies had retaken Kuwait City, the capital, and decimated the Iraqi elite fighters of the Republican Guard.

In his message to Mr. Schuiling, President Bush emphasized how meaningful it was for the troops to know they had the support of community leaders at home during the time of crisis for the country and the world.

Charlevoix Area Hospital Wins Praise for School Nurse Program

The owner and chairman of Brown Automotive Group, Ltd., in Fairfax, Virginia, William E. Schuiling directs operations at a wide range of car dealerships located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Also a noted philanthropist with ties to Michigan, William Schuiling contributes to the Charlevoix Area Hospital Foundation.

The hospital is a constituent part of Munson Healthcare, which maintains a number of facilities in Michigan. Thanks to the efforts of charitable supporters, the foundation has succeeded in multiple community-focused efforts, including one that has installed school nurses in underfunded elementary, middle, and high schools.

When board members recognized a need, the hospital asked its foundation to help support the new program, and the foundation immediately stepped forward. In past generations, families took it for granted that a caring and effective school nurse would be available to assist children with routine injuries and medical education. But in today’s cash-strapped school districts, that is no longer the case.

Now, thanks to the foundation, nine schools offer the services of a nurse. The reactions of students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive, and the effort received a 2013-2014 honor as a Hospital Charitable Services Awards Program of Promise.

Charlevoix Hospital Continues a Long Tradition of Caring

William E. Schuiling heads one of the largest privately held automobile dealerships in the Northern Virginia area. As owner and chairman of Brown Automotive Group, Ltd., he operates dealerships in the Fairfax region and extending into Maryland and the District of Columbia. In addition, William Schuiling maintains a long-time dedication to philanthropy. He supports numerous community agencies in the Mid-Atlantic region and in Michigan, where he earned his MBA from Wayne State University.

Among these is Charlevoix Area Hospital, part of the Munson Healthcare group and known as Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital since a 2015 merger. The hospital serves the Lake Michigan community of Charlevoix, a township and city with a population of only a few thousand.

The small, 100-year-old hospital is situated in a tranquil residential area near Lake Michigan. Despite its 25-bed capacity, it is well-equipped to treat patients needing a wide range of diagnostic and surgical services. Charlevoix Hospital prides itself on its warm and dedicated staff, and also its large cadre of volunteers, who focus on providing patient-centered, individualized care.

And, thanks to support from its generous donors, Charlevoix Hospital is able to provide free health services to community members in need. In one recent year alone, the hospital gave back more than $2 million worth of benefits to its citizens.

Three Promising Innovations in the Automotive Industry

William Schuiling, a graduate of Wayne State’s masters in business administration program, found his niche in the automotive industry. A few years after he completed his graduate degree, William E. Schuiling began working for Brown Automotive Group. Having been in the industry for nearly 50 years, he takes a great interest in various automotive topics and innovations.

New innovations have fostered significant changes in the automotive industry, particularly in car technologies. Here are some groundbreaking innovations car enthusiasts can look forward to in the coming years:

Autonomous vehicles - In 2014, Elon Musk made a breakthrough in self-driving vehicles by integrating ultrasonic sensors into Tesla sedans, and offering additional technology packages featuring digitally controlled brakes. These innovations gave birth to the Tesla Version 7.0, or the Autopilot, which promises the possibility of a practical fully-autonomous vehicle in the years to come.

Active health monitoring - In a concept explored by Ford Motors, a smartwatch is equipped with an app that monitors a driver’s vital signs. The smartwatch sends these health-data readings to the driver-assisting software, which can trigger the car to take adaptive measures to avoid possible accidents caused by certain physical conditions, for example sleepiness.

Hovering car - According to Toyota’s managing officer Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, the company has been toying with the idea of hovering cars to eliminate the friction occurring with a car’s contact with the road. This concept car, currently being developed at the company’s R&D centers, should float slightly above the ground much like a hovercraft.

Three of the Most Anticipated Car Shows in the World

William Schuiling owns an automotive company with car dealerships located across the Mid-Atlantic region. This year marks the 46th year of William E. Schuiling’s involvement in the industry, which began back when he was still a sales manager. Today, William Schuiling maintains the same enthusiasm he has always had on automotive topics and events, such as car shows.

Car shows are major events attended by thousands of car enthusiasts. These shows exhibit the latest designs and innovations from major car manufacturers all over the world. Some of the most anticipated car shows are:

Frankfurt Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung - Once every two years, the FIAA features a vast collection of commercial vehicles including makers BMW, Audi, and Porsche. With over 10 exhibition halls, it is known to showcase one of the biggest collections of cars in the world. The FIAA exhibition also features high tech displays that vary according to theme.

Paris Mondial de l’Automobile - Held alternately with the Frankfurt show, the Paris Mondial de l’Automobile became the first auto show in the world when it was launched in 1898. In 2014, the Parish auto show featured European concept cars and automotive studies.

The Geneva Motor Show - This ten-day event is held yearly during the month of March at the Geneva Palexpo. One of the most anticipated events during the Geneva Motor Show is the debut of new car models.

Organizations That Assist War Amputees and Other Injured Veterans

William Schuiling majored in business during both his undergraduate and post-graduate studies. With his academic knowledge and work experience, William E. Schuiling was able to buy a majority interest in Brown Automotive Group, LTD. As the owner and chairman, Mr. Schuiling also commits to charitable work - as exemplified by his helping out war veteran amputee Todd Nicely by giving him a new Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

In March 2011, Marine Corporal Todd Nicely stepped on a roadside bomb in rural Afghanistan, causing it to explode. Six minutes later he was rescued by a helicopter, and after receiving treatment that saved his life he began the long process of his recovery. Today, Mr. Nicely exists as one of only five surviving quadruple amputee veterans.

Todd Nicely and other wounded veterans face challenges as they transition from military service to civilian life. Organizations such as Tunnel to Towers Foundation dedicate their services to assist military and first responders injured during their service. In 2012 the foundation agreed to build and donate homes to quadruple amputees such as Mr. Nicely.

Another organization, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), assists wounded service members by helping them process disability claims. From gathering medical records to appealing a claim, VFA advocates for the welfare of the country’s veterans by defending their government benefits.

MSU Invests $5 Million in Red Cedar Ventures to Help Launch Startups

William E. Schuiling is the top executive of Brown Automotive Group Ltd., a group of car dealerships that has served Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia since its inception in 1970. William Schuiling is an alumnus of Michigan State University (MSU), from which he received his bachelor's degree in business in 1965.

MSU is recognized as one of the top public institutions in the country and is ranked by US News & World Report as one of the top 100 national universities in the country. While MSU excels in various indicators of excellence, one area where the university is a national leader is student engagement. MSU recently landed on the top spot of the Wall Street Journal's list of colleges where students feel most engaged.

Through the MSU Foundation, the university recently launched Red Cedar Ventures, a venture capital subsidiary that aims to boost MSU-based startups and technologies. MSU raised $5 million to fund this initiative. According to MSU Foundation executive director Dave Washburn, Red Cedar Ventures continues the university's initial efforts of supporting its startup entrepreneurs. Red Cedar Ventures provides seed funding to bring a particular business idea or technology from research into the marketplace.

A Thanksgiving Miracle for a Homeless Michigan Couple

William E. Schuiling is a longstanding automotive executive who has led the Brown Automotive Group, Ltd., for more than four decades. Serving the needs of customers throughout Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland, William E. Schuiling emphasizes a community-centered approach to business. In addition to corporate giving, he has personally been assisting people in need for many years.

One such opportunity arrived around Thanksgiving with a Schuiling Kayak Team paddle excursion on French Farm Lake organized near Charlevoix, Michigan. After the excursion finished, Mr. Schuiling found himself walking along a small dirt road that is the primary vehicle route to the isolated locale.

A couple he encountered was setting up a large tarp over camping equipment and explained that they had recently run out of funds and could no longer afford a motel room in Cheboygan. Their plan was to sleep in their car and camp the entire winter in that location. This plan did not seem feasible to Mr. Schuiling, as the cold winter nights in that part of Michigan cannot be survived without sufficient food and heating.

Mr. Schuiling took matters into his own hands by accompanying the couple to the Cheboygan motel they had packed up from just hours earlier. He was able to explain the plight of the couple to the owners and arrange for a four-month stay at a $2,000 discount. This arrangement proved to be a Thanksgiving miracle that brought a feeling of gratitude to all involved.

Homeless Animals Rescue Team Seeking Volunteer Foster Families

William E. Schuiling owns and operates Brown Automotive Group in the mid-Atlantic region. In addition to running a network of leading car dealerships, William Schuiling engages in philanthropic giving and is especially proud to support Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) in Fairfax, Virginia.

HART is a no-kill rescue group dedicated to caring for abused, homeless, and unwanted animals until they find loving homes. In addition to caring for puppies and kittens, HART accepts older and less adoptable animals, saving them from uncertain fates in municipal shelters or the streets.

HART of Virginia is perpetually in need of volunteer foster parents for the pets it helps. Qualifying applicants care for dogs or cats in their home until they are adopted, which usually takes between a few weeks and a few months. HART provides all veterinary care for foster pets, so temporary parents are responsible only for providing love and care. Foster parents also take their dog or cat to adoption events each month in hopes of finding a forever home.

To learn more about fostering a pet or to apply to become a foster parent, visit www.hart90.org/Foster.

The Baltimore Humane Society Yukon Medical Fund

As the owner and chairman of Brown Automotive Group, William E. Schuiling operates a number of vehicle dealerships. Outside of work, William Schuiling supports community organizations like the Baltimore Humane Society.

Helping homeless animals involves a significant amount of expense. Pets surrendered to the Baltimore Humane Society are vaccinated for common infectious diseases, given a complete examination, and tested for intestinal parasites and heartworm. In addition, they are spayed or neutered and given a flea preventative before being offered for adoption.

Not all animals come to the shelter healthy, and further procedures or treatments may prove necessary. Surgical procedures represent a major expense for any animal rescue facility. To cover the costs of these medical expenses, the Baltimore Humane Society created the Yukon Medical Fund. Money donated to the fund goes directly to animal medical care and can make a tremendous difference in the life of a cat or dog.

The Yukon Medical Fund is named after a male husky mix that came to the shelter at the age of one with a large cleft palate. Normally, this issue would have resulted in death, but Yukon survived and was treated by the shelter despite the large expense of the extensive oral surgeries involved.

Some of the Risk Factors for Developing Breast Cancer

William E. Schuiling is the chairman and owner of Brown Automotive Group, Ltd., the largest private automotive company in the Mid-Atlantic region. From his headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, William E. Schuiling oversees dealership brands that include Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz. Brown Automotive Group also supports a number of charities, including Susan G. Komen.

According to Susan G. Komen, originally called The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer will affect more than 255,000 people in 2017. The organization highlights numerous risk factors for breast cancer, including the following:

- Age. Breast cancer rates increase with age; the average age of diagnosis in the United States is 62. Women over age 40 should have regular screenings.

- Alcohol. Women who consume two or three alcoholic beverages daily increase their risk of developing breast cancer by 20 percent.

- Gene mutations. Some people inherit mutated genes that increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer.

Brown's Toyota Focuses on Teamwork Among Its Employees

Since 1970, William E. Schuiling has served as owner and chairman of Brown Automotive Group, Ltd., the largest privately owned automotive company in the mid-Atlantic region. A February 8, 2017, article in Severna Park Voice highlights William Schuiling’s emphasis on running a business that promotes growth for its employees by training them to offer extraordinary customer service as they advance in the company.

The article is based in part on an interview with John Stefero, a former catcher for the Baltimore Orioles who now serves as general manager of Brown’s Toyota of Glen Burnie. Mr. Stefero worked his way up to his current position after starting out as a salesperson, an advancement path that is typical of Brown’s Toyota employees, due to the organization’s focus on teamwork and commitment to a larger goal. Unlike much of the sales world, where the focus is on individual achievement, Stefero says that he focuses on building a team mentality. He credits the ownership with supporting this team-based atmosphere and notes that Brown’s employees are dedicated to customer service, using a customized checklist to go above and beyond what is expected.

Brown’s Toyota in Glen Burnie - A Full Range of Charitable Activities

As owner of Brown Automotive Group, Ltd., William Schuiling serves the needs of Mid-Atlantic clients for quality vehicles from manufacturers such as Mercedes-Ben and Volkswagen. William Schuiling maintains a strong charitable presence through his companies, with Brown’s Toyota in Glen Burnie recently hosting an animal adoption event.

Sponsored by the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), the event featured a local balloon artist as well as face painters. It was held on Sunday, when the dealership is typically closed and charity was the focus, not sales activities.

Brown’s Toyota also contributes to a number local nonprofit organizations and in 2016 donated approximately $100,000 to organizations that included BARCS and Hope For All. The Hope For All organization distributes a wide range of necessities, from household items to clothing, to those in need.

Other Brown’s Toyota sponsored activities range from youth sports to seasonal Salvation Army AngelTree efforts. The latter program is centered on making sure that children receive items on their Christmas wish lists.