William Skelley

iFunding Chairman and CEO

About William Skelley

A graduate of Harvard University’s owner/president management program, William Skelley possesses knowledge in business fundamentals, negotiation processes, and financial management. Prior to entering Harvard's program, William Skelley was a consultant for General Electric Healthcare and Olympus Corporation. In addition, he founded the real estate investment firm Pallas Global in 2005, overseeing a clientele worth more than $250 million in assets. Skelley served the company for nearly eight years and was responsible for raising funds for its developers.

Today, he is the chairman and chief executive officer of iFunding, a business he launched in 2012. iFunding allows accredited users to invest directly in real estate through its website. Drawing on his expertise in investor relations, crowdfunding, and business development, Skelley manages strategic operations and collaborates with the firm’s partners to discover real estate projects to list.

In his spare time, Skelley volunteers at children’s hospitals in the New York City area and plays golf.

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