GREAT FATHER fights for you!


Yellow- represents the sun, wealth, and/or justice.

Dark Blue- represents freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and/or patriotism.

Red- represents courage, revolution, hardiness, blood, and/or valor

White- represents peace, purity,and/or innocence.


Constitution of Willowbeck


The name of this country will be Willowbeck.



The purpose of this country is to provide an environment free to a certain extent.

This country was created to provide an example of how a country and its government should be ran with control over its people while also being fair and balanced.

Each and every single family will have their own dwelling, every person will have the right to a Willowbeck education. Everyone will be supplied with a rationed amount of supplies needed to meet life’s necessities. Every person will be safe, due to our great amounts of security watching over all citizens.


To become a citizen you must be undoubtedly loyal to this country, you must not only like our country, but you must love it. You must support your country with every idea and action. You must contribute in any ways possible to your country.


Our country will be based on a single person’s power. There is an everlasting leader, who will never fail at guiding you to. Under the watchful eye of your Great Father.


As your government, we will guide you into living a much better lifestyle with much greater opportunities.


*Each Family must live in a shelter provided by your Great Father

*All minors MUST attend the system of education provided by the Great Father

*All citizens must communicate under the English language

*Any form of trade, or delivering out of this country is banned

*All adults must obtain a type of job.

*Healthcare is charged on what you make

*Enslavement is never allowed

*Anyone not contributing with the economy MUST be forced into punishment decided by Your Great Father

*Citizens can/must provide information on what is heard negative about their Great Father

*Citizens between the ages of 13-17 must practice drills from those of the military


All education is free. Citizens are assigned to a specific school, and instructor. Everyone must learn only what is taught to them. If you choose to not attend school, you must ago to the”special” buildings for them.


The flag contains colors such as Yellow, Blue, Red, and White. Yellow signifies the sun, wealth, and/or justice. Blue signifies freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and/or patriotism. Red signifies courage, revolution, hardiness, blood, and/or valor. White represents peace and purity.


Our leader is the one and only Great Father.


The GREAT Father may not have been seen by anyone but i assure you he is real. He watches your every move, hears every single word you say, you'll never be alone because GREAT Father never leaves your side.

Story of our savior

Great Father is the greatest of them all, he stands up for every citizen no matter what, and he’s always by your side. He protected this country for years, he is the mightiest leader there is will ever be! He is brave and will never hurt a fly. (Unless you do not love him) he is the best to be ruled by. When things get hard he will never leave your side. When you are in doubt just turn to him, no one hates him, it’s hard too. The leader protects you from everything bad in this world, he is our mighty protector. He came from a faraway land where nobody liked him, he was hated by everyone, but that didn’t stop him on his journey to rule a country. When he was little everybody turned on him, even his parents thought of him as a disappointment. But he turned all the negative to positive when it comes to his people. He won’t turn on you, even if you turn on him. Great Father is always watching you so you can be safe, so nothing bad happens. All he cares about is his people; he will die before he lets a Willowbeck get hurt. He is the sword and shield to everything. Great Father will not disappoint, so join him now as we fight against the evil people who want to take away your freedom. Join GREAT FATHER.

National Anthem

National Anthem

Willowbeck will never fall

It’s the greatest of them all

We are the new civilization

Better than all the old nations

We are the path to peace

All war shall be ceased

We go for everything that is right and just

Are people being happy is a must

Are citizens must behave

If not freedom they’ll crave

We alter their minds

It is not a crime

For in the end

Great Father shall be there friend

We watch you at all times

Just try to commit a crime

Are civilization is the greatest of them all

Willowbeck shall never fall!!

Propaganda Posters

Brian Cleaning

You might be wondering what we do to the people that go against the house warming party. We have a room that changes people’s thoughts on us, when a man or woman goes against us we take them to the brain cleansing room. We have many different methods of changing their mind on the HWP because the people have to be happy no matter what. The people go through multiple trials so we can see where they are on loving great father, if on the first trial they hate great father we cleanse them right away, if they like great father then we don’t mess with them. The second trial if the people still don’t like great father after the first cleanse, then we bring out what is hidden in the back of their mind. The third trial if they don’t agree with great father then we bring out the changing of their brain, with a person who LOVES great father. When this process is over, the people go home to restart their life and restart all the things they’ve done to disagree with great father. Those people are the ones who look at the good in life with no worries. Great father loves to see his people happy, and remade. Great Father will visit you when your soul and brian is cleansed, so if you want to meet great father in person all you have to do is love him.


Justice Curlee & Devon Howard