With Stix
The Artistic Journey of Nina


This acrylic monochromatic painting is a self portrait of me at the tender age of nineteen. I was young and living it up on a Miami Beach. I painted this at the insistence (it was an assignment) of my fun and crazy art teacher Suzanne Thomas at Rose State College.

Woman Renewed

Woman Renewed was project I did for an art show that my OKC bestie (Deborah) was putting on called "The Garbage to Art Project". It was a wonderful show and I was very honored to be a part of it. All entries had to be of recycled materials. I had a great time creating this sculpture that measures about 4 and a half feet tall. The Woman Renewed now resides with Deborah and Charley in Oklahoma.

Dangerous Reading

I created Dangerous Reading for a Librarian Conference in Oklahoma. It was put on display for banned books. After the conference the book was entered in The Garbage to Art Project Art Show and was sold at said art show.

Red Peacock

Red Peacock is acrylic on canvas. Peacocks are one of my favorite subjects. Painted in 2012

Crystal Dream

Crystal Dream is oil on canvas. Painted as an assignment to paint a still life in purple, orange and green palette.


Teapots was also an assignment to do a single object five different angles in complementary colors. This painting is oil on canvas.


Wave is an oil on canvas board. Another assignment to portray water.

Family Tree

Family Tree is an oil on canvas board. Assignment to do a non-objective painting. Each object in this painting represents a member of my family. The line between the two sides is the thin line between life and death.

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