Savings And SavinG Money

For University Students

                5 Tips For Increasing Income

1. Get a part-time job, if you have one ask for a raise.

2. Get assistance from Centrelink.

3. Apply for scholarships.

4. Put money into an online savings account.

5. Sell unused things online, such as text books, clothing and other items.

Tips For Saving Money

1. Turn off electricity devices when they are not being used.

2. Write a list before you go shopping, and stick to it. Only buy the things that you really need.

3. Make a big batch of casserole and freeze it. Just heat it up in the microwave and you can have a delicious meal.

4. Do a price comparasion between stores, to find the cheapest groceries.

5. Use generic brands such as homebrand and  black and gold.

6. Buy used things from carboot sales and op shops.

7. Do not buy fast food, prepare your own meals at home.

8. Share your house with a friend. You can split the rent, water and electricity bills in half.

9. Invest in a public transport card such as Myki card.

10. Put your lunch in containers instead of using glad wrap.

11. Get a health care care.

12. Get a water saving shower head.

13. Buy some curtains to keep the warmth/ cool in during the summer or winter months.

14. Wash your clothes in cold water.

15. Use the grey water from your baths and showers to water your plants.

16. Lock up your credit card for a month and only buy things you need with cash.

Where To Buy Essentials

There are many places around Australia where you can buy cheap and good quality food and products, when you are on a budget.

Click on the following links and it will take you to the websites.


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