The Gupta Empire

320 AD - 550 AD

Information on the Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire was formally located in modern day India. Rising up after the fall of the Mauryan Empire, the Gupta Empire began during the early fourth century and had fallen during the middle of the sixth century.

There were many contributions that came out of this empire that we still use today. In the mathematical field, Arabic Numerals were created by the Guptas and we still use these numerals today. The decimal system, which is based on the number 10, and the concept of the number zero were also created during this empire. Without the  number zero, we would have no way to represent a quantity of nothing. In the medical field, the Guptas developed a vaccination against the small pox virus and also practiced a form of plastic surgery for facial injuries.

Besides the many Hindus that lived in the Gupta Empire, there were also some Buddhists. These Buddhists built stupas, or shrines, as tombs for people of holy importance. The architecture of these stupas spread to China were they called them pagodas. Older children were allowed to go to ashram, or school. These children would live at the school and were required to do all of their chores and school work by themselves. Because of all the learning during the time of peace, this empire is referred to as India's Golden Age. The Gupta Empire later fell due to weak leaders and invasions by other cultures.

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