How To:

write with wire (and make a necklace)

This hand-made necklace is a perfect gift for a sister, friend, or your bridesmaids. You can easily create any word or personalize  with one's own or child's name.

Wire writing IS NOT as difficult as it looks, I promise ;). Use this guide to become a master wire writer in only a few hours! Not only can you use wire writing for necklaces, but also as wine charms, on tiaras (think kids bday parties :), or bracelets. The options are endless!  


  • round nose jewelry pliers
  • accent beads
  • chain with clasp
  • jewelry wire (flat head pins)
  • 18-21 gauge wire (20 gauge shown here)


1. Use the pliers to loop the wire to start. Hold the end of the wire as you slowly bend from the spool, always leaving about 4 in between the spool and the current letter. I usually write the word in cursive on paper for a visual to copy.  

2. Slowly bend the wire into the desired word. Bend from the spool of wire, unwinding the spool to always have about 4 in of wire free. Loop the wire to create the letters L, o, v, and e. Use your fingers and/or round tipped pliers.

3. Finish by making a heart above the "e." Loop to create a heart and wind the wire around itself just above the letter e. Wrap the wire three times and use wire cutters to snip the wire on the back side of the word.

4. Prepare the beads as an accent on the necklace. Use jewelry pins or wire to make wire loops on the beads. Then thread them through the chain.

5. All finished! You now have a beautiful personalized hand-made gift! Or something new for yourself!

If you want some more guidance, check out this video of "wire writing" the "Love" from above! {Coming soon!}

Want one personalized? Send me a message!!

Sooo...maybe you're not so crafty, or you just don't have the time. Totally cool. But you still want one? Buy this necklace here!