The Wizard's 12 Winter Days of Giving Pt. 1

I just LOVE the season of giving - whether you give thanks, give love, or give gifts, being
able to share and give to others at this time of year is something that really makes us who we are. For this assignment, you’ll do some virtual giving along with ACTUAL budgeting! You will be working a little bit each day on TWELVE VIRTUAL GIFTS. This will involve FOUR PARTS:

PART I. For each designated recipient, you will locate IMAGES of gifts you'd like to give and explain your gift-giving decisions. Since this is VIRTUAL giving, you should be generous and creative!   Look closely at the example below:

1. Title
2. List of possible gifts
3. Image of one of the gifts
4. Explanation of choice
5. URL (web address) of where the image came from

Sooooo....are you ready for your GIFT LIST?  Here it is!!!

SPECIAL NOTE:  At least THREE of your gifts must COST NOTHING.  That's right - COST NOTHING.  There are plenty of ways to give to one another without spending a dime. :)

Your assignment today - Using Powerpoint (or Prezi, or TACKK), begin selecting gifts and collecting images for each of the 12 recipients on your list.  YOU MUST REMEMBER TO GET THE URL of EACH IMAGE YOU SELECT.